Björn Borg

Björn Borg is an international fashion underwear company.

The brand is recognized for high-quality products and creative and innovative design, influenced by the sporting heritage associated with the Björn Borg name.

The Björn Borg trademark in its present form was registered in the late 1980s and established in the Swedish fashion market in the first half of the 1990s. The Group has been developing the brand since 1997 on the basis of a license granting exclusive rights to manufacture, market and sell products under the Björn Borg name. In December 2006 the Group acquired the Björn Borg trademark and obtained exclusive global rights to its use for all categories of products and services.

A multi-layered system of networks and capacities linked together with a common factor, money! The banking industry has existed for years and in its modern capacity is an integral part of global business.

The Banking Industry *Image credit: Shutterstock, Inc Copyright: isak55 

The Banking Industry *Image credit: Shutterstock, Inc Copyright: isak55
The banking sector can be broken down into number of sectors, however some banks (like a business) pursue different avenues that others may chose not to. It is the business of managing financial assets and commodities along with the risk associated with that management. As complicated as that sounds, the best way to look at a bank is as a business. And just like any other business, a bank is in the business of making money.
Different banking sectors:
A number of global banking operations are often termed differently but they essentially do the same thing. This means the terminology could vary from bank to bank.

A quick guide to starting a business

17 October 2013

Environment and Conservation Industry - image source Copyright: arcady_31

Environment and Conservation Industry - image source Copyright: arcady_31

Earth – home to us all,  and the place that rocks, non stop. Making sure that the planet just keeps spinning on, is an incredibly difficult, and somewhat breathtaking process.

Being able to make a difference, transform a corner of the world into a better, cleaner, more natural place, is something everyone should look to do, because our efforts are needed, now, more than ever.