The Fun Side of Being Serious 2.0: Go Global or Go Home

 Author: Yashivan Govender with Shaun Ryan

ISBN: 978-0620522427

Publication Date: February 2012

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Go Global or Go Home is the second instalment of the successful online business guide, The Fun Side of Being Serious book series. The latest book portrays the events of an ambitious young South African, Yashivan Govender, in search of more than just a global insight into the world but an answer to serious questions facing young individuals worldwide. With the ongoing financial crisis that has yet to be resolved, the future of business is a challenge that needs to be tackled head on by enterprising individuals. Go Global or Go Home provides detailed information that aims to at bridge the gap between traditional and new media business.

The Fun Side of Being SeriousA FirstStep Guide to Online Business

The Fun Side of Being SeriousA FirstStep Guide to Online Business
ISBN: 9780620487047
Imprint: ReadHill Publishing

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The Fun Side of Being Serious

The financial recession has hit the world by storm and as the darkness of the world’s economic crisis begins to blanket the earth, a small yet powerful resistance can be seen in the distance. Armed with an idea, a laptop and a South African attitude, the resistance took root on the southernmost tip of Africa. An adventure filled with guts, glory and ambition, The Fun Side of Being Serious follows the journey of one entrepreneur’s dream; it charts his challenges and successes as he starts his own online business –

Written by a young South African of Indian descent who dared to defy his parents and not become an accountant, a doctor or a lawyer (the notorious LAD system) and co-written by a journalist with an ego that only Woodward and Bernstein could match, the book provides a refreshing and honest look at the challenges facing both entrepreneurs and young South Africans.