Established in Stellenbosch in 2004

Stellenbosch Rugby Academy - 2017

On offer at Stellenbosch Rugby Academy -

Performance Management:
The duration of the programme is 2 years (optional internship in year 3).

Rugby High Performance Diploma:
The course is presented in 4 performance areas (broken into 27 modules).

International Hotel School
International Hotel School

International Hotel School is Arica’s leading hotel school, it is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as both a Private Higher Education provider as well as provisionally registered as a Private FET (Further Education and Training) provider.

Full Time Study at International Hotel School

Three Year Diploma in Hospitality Management

For individuals who want to focus on a career in the Hospitality Industry; this programme teaches the basic skills of Hospitality Operations as well as the Management Skills necessary in this dynamic and growing field. The programme’s equal emphasis on both academic and work integrated learning ensures that graduates are job ready. On completion of the programme, graduates may decide to gain further experience in top establishments or are able to succeed in a junior supervisory or management positions at home or abroad.

Some countries and institutions require students to do a year of study abroad.

A feature,

This is a really cool concept than helps build a well rounded education. Such programmes are normally setup within the university and involve partner institutions. Then there are those who actively look to study abroad. The same rules apply here when looking for quality education platforms. The thing is to always factor in the cost of living in a foreign country, and what options there are work-wise for students who graduate abroad.  If you are using an agency to study abroad, make sure that the institution is a reputable one that is partnered with accredited higher education set-up's.

Stellenbosch Rugby Academy

Provides career routes into the sporting code of Rugby as a player, coach, referee or game analyst.


Places an importance for students to find the correct career route with broad based study options.
Students must have a passion for rugby (player, coach, referee or game analyst) and be open to combine it with other (academic/skilled) courses.
We want to develop a generation of students into the market that have an advantage over other students.
A generation equipped with relevant qualifications plus sufficient practical experience.
Academic Support program:  Includes staff members as mentors for students, training sessions, contact sessions and attendance stats on our website (all weekly).

How to compare college and university costs:

Cost vs. Quality of Higher education – part 2* Image credit and source: © Sveta Medvedeva - Shutterstock, Inc

Cost vs. Quality of Higher education – part 2* Image credit and source: © Sveta Medvedeva - Shutterstock, Inc

A feature,

The risk of investing in education, unlike when you take out a home loan to buy property, is that education is not quite as tangible. Simply put, when you graduate or qualify from university or college – the little piece of paper you receive at the ceremony does not guarantee you anything, not even a job. Even if you meet the academic, attendance and financial criteria, there is no guarantee you’ll wake up every morning, sip on a coffee before leaving for your dream 9 to 5. At least with a home loan, if you pay the bond or mortgage you end up with a roof over your head.