A quick guide to University and College

Tutoring set-up's

Sometimes people need that extra bit of help, be it on the sports field, in the workplace and yes even in the classroom. For students and scholars there seems to be a global abundance of help in terms of their education - from the private tutor to resourceful guides and of course private tutoring set-up's. The needs of an individual of course vary from person to person, factors such as affordability, time allocation and even actual specifics of a person in need - yip some people are trying to improve their grades from an A to an A+.

In terms of private tutoring services - technology and the internet have given rise to their accessibility along with communication with the market place. Here is a breakdown from around the planet of various set-up's that are engaging in the tutoring industry from an online perspective.

Accreditation of colleges and universities:

Many students have entered a college or university with the assumption that the institution is legitimate, however some unfortunately  leave with a qualification not valid or accredited with the correct academic authority. We found some country websites which can guide you in the direction into finding out whether or not your institution of choice is accredited correctly.

Note: In most cases some countries have umbrella websites covering all study sectors, however there are countries with multiple accreditation authorities as well which you will have to go slightly more in-depth to find out more about them.

First year: The "culling" phase

University - the promised land of forward thinking, education and the transition into adulthood. Rest assured it is a "promise" because University in reality is actually a wake up call. The transition from high school to university to the working world is full of challenges and the first year of university has become a challenge for many. In a way it is the year that an institution can either funnel or "cull" their number of first year students.

Most certainly a lot of universities offer a four year undergrad with the first year being more of an introduction into their future majors, but making the cut is still tough. And what about the unprepared individuals who are thrown into the deep end of a three year bachelors degree? They are the ones most at risk to face the big old boot.

Government support set-up's are key to any education system. One must observe what the government says about its rules and regulations regarding its respective academic curriculum. From there you can decide on whether your institution fits into the proper guidelines, that is from accreditation, location and even financial obligations. These should be on your check list before investing time into the university of your choice.