Roaming Newton travelling through The Black Forest

Roaming Newton travelling through The Black Forest
Adventuring through Germany is not the easiest thing on the planet, obstacles appear more often than a new twist in a Harry Potter book. First of all the language, German is not the easiest language to pick up and limited knowledge of it can lead to poor if not rather funny versions of what can be only been classed by a native English speaker as “Deunglish”. Ahh, Deunglish (Deutsch-English) the lesser known language created by the lost traveler and hard done by ex-pat! The next challenge would be to understand the travel systems: planes, trains and automobiles…99% of the time everything runs like clockwork and if there was a 1% mishap well you definitely would not hear the end of it therefore it is best to be on time at all costs.

“I think Africa has a romantic wildness to it that I don’t think other continents necessarily have. “ Rudi Clark (Spirit of Adventure)

We asked Rudi Clark of Spirit of Adventure one question and he gave us five answers!
Why are Gap Year students attracted to Africa?
1.Environment: It is a very beautiful continent laced with countries that consist of extremely diverse environments. This makes for interesting adventures.

Taking a Gap Year can be an experience of a lifetime and making the most of a Gap Year adventure is super important. Here is an infographic adapted from the Gap Year Guide to help make better and more informed decisions about taking a Gap Year!

Gap Year Checklist Questions

There are various types of Gap Years that an individual can choose to take. Here are a few options that provides some direction on a Gap Year adventure (adapted from the Gap Year Guide!).

Gap Years in a nutshell

Definition: A gap year is a period where an individual takes a time out or sabbatical between work, study or various life stages. The time frame varies and is not always specifically a year. The Gap Year is individual specific and is determined by what he/she wants to achieve or extract from the gap year. An open ended life adventure!
What is gained from a Gap Year: various levels of experiences on a personal, professional or skills basis...the University of Life!
Popular Gap Year destinations: The manner in which Gap Years have been commercialised over the past years has led to the whole planet becoming an open platform to have a Gap Year adventure! Research is needed to be done into the destination ranging from Visa and passport requirements, medical clearance etc.