Question: I want to find out more about teaching English in Taiwan!
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The TEFL route seems a popular route as a way of doing a structured gap year for individuals from around the world. The requirements range from having a bachelor's degree, being a fluent English speaker or having a TEFL qualification.

Chapter 16: Travel Tips!
In terms of general travel tips, Roaming Newton often gets requests about the do’s and don’ts about travelling abroad. Since his adventures started over five years ago back in 2006 back in Mozambique, our man with the backpack has picked up a lot of knowledge of how to survive whilst travelling on this awesome planet!
Notes from Roaming Newton’s Journal!
1. Picking a destination: make sure you know exactly where you are going and don’t listen to travel agents mishmash, get a map and actually physically point to the location that you want to visit! Rocking up in Switzerland and shouting “Hello Germany…” is very wrong and the Swiss don’t like that!

Rocking it at Tollwood, Zuoz and a coffee house!

Roaming Newton Chapter 15: Rocking it at Tollwood, Zuoz and a coffee house!
I am sitting in a coffee house called Dinzler which is situated in a town just outside of Munich. South Africa seems like a lifetime away but it is only been a few weeks since I was running around creating a storm in my old backyard. Now I am back trekking in Europe. I had flown out of South Africa into Germany and then dashed off to Switzerland, where I slept in a tent in non-stop rain! I was pretty much not enjoying this new adventure as I was looking forward to a European summer.

Adventures are just a hop,skip and a jump away these days! With overseas and local destinations offering a lot more than a bucket list site seeing package, individuals are now more than ever tackling the travelling market with a lot more gusto than before. So what has changed to hype the flow of overseas travel?
Firstly with the dawn of technology, communicating with loved ones is just a Skype call, mobile text, social media message or an email away. This means that it doesn’t even feel like you have been away!

Trekking the Eastern & Western Cape!

Chapter 14: The African adventure continues…
Johannesburg has its perks but the pesky Parktown Prawns don’t really make for adventurous wildlife! I found that I have explored the world with huge gusto but my South African backyard I sometimes tend to forget. The answer to my conundrum…one Google maps! I searched fast and wild, clicking and typing away until I stumbled onto South Africa’s playground, Plettenberg Bay! Google Maps tends to provide me with some fascinating online exploring but it’s the real trekking that provides an individual with an experience of a lifetime!