Darryl Pillay Tackles Europe

Part 1
Some people go on pilgrimages others well they go to off to conquer Europe! Here’s Part 1 of Darryl Pillay awesome journey through the continent…from London with cornflakes to the party central of Greece and then well that’s all in Part 2!
Stop 1: London
Started in London, Wembley Stadiums for the Foo Fighters concert ended up eating cornflakes as a snack after was quite something else, many funny stories to be had in London.
Next Stop:  Amsterdam
Amazing, incredible, everything that you have ever heard of was true.  Great place to visit, but definitely a tourist trap.

1. Firstly there is no tax so if you going on a working holiday in Dubai, save save save!
2. There is snow in desert, yes you read that correctly! The mall of the Emirates has its own indoor ski slope! Really anything is truly possible.

Dubai Adventures

Roaming Newton Chapter 5:
I arrived at the Mall of the Emirates (http://www.malloftheemirates.com) via a taxi driver whom had no idea what Fly Fishing was all about. All he said was that he doesn’t eat fish and mumbled something about not wanting to talk to me.
This mall was huge! I mean really big, so big that it has its own Ski Slope, yes you read that correct, with snow and ski lifts. Snow in the desert what a concept. Well the shopping was awesome as the Dubai Shopping Festival had just started so I went crazy buying stuff. Walking around this massive mall was insane, cosmopolitan and cultural diverse groups of people floating around in a shopping Utopia.

Roaming Newton: Chapter 6

So being the cricket loving fanatic that I am, I decided to track down some cricket in the desert. I mean if they can ski here why not have a bit of the civilized game! Well cricket in the desert was exactly what I found! Sand everywhere with a rubberized mat in the middle of this makeshift oval. These guys loved the game so much that they went out into the boiling desert and played cricket on sand. Interesting to see but not an ideal surface for those looking to perform Jonty Rhodes maneuvers. After watching for about an hour I decided that as much as I like cricket, I preferred the grass version. Though I gained a new found respect for the international cricket lover!

Roaming Newton Chapter 4:  
The job search was going insane and so Roaming Newton dropped London like there was no tomorrow and made it for the place where the salaries don’t have that nasty tax bite happening.
Flying into Dubai was awesome the only way you can describe it is as being in the Las Vegas of the East, business in the desert! The lights of the city are extremely motivating and any ideas of seeing desert is lost as you fly into what is a very built up enviroment with little to no sand around.  So I couldn’t find that job in London, actually I haven’t been able to find a job anywhere, hmmm I need to start focusing…