Kids Haven Champions: The Maggy Sereku interview

Tell us about your Kids Haven story?
I was one of eight individuals whom matriculated in 2010 at Kids Haven. The opportunity that the Kids Haven Youth Development Programme (YDP) has given to me has been amazing.
I joined YDP not knowing that it can help develop my skills in the working world. I was chosen from the programme to identify what was important to me. This led me to receiving a contract from Denel Aerostructures. Which is a leading aerospace company in Africa, a power-house in aerospace design and advanced manufacturing. Providing me a chance to learn from those who have already achieved.

JSE/Liberty Investment Challenge

By Idris Seedat, Manager CSI at the JSE
The JSE/Liberty Investment Challenge has wrapped up for the year and you’re about to graduate and you’re wondering how to continue learning about investing. Fortunately there are a number of ways that you can keep that passion alive through connecting with the JSE.
Keep on playing
The JSE offers two options for aspirant investors who would like to grow trading expertise before opening a trading account.  
The JSE runs the JSE Virtual Trading Game which is an annual competition aimed at teaching the South African public about the fundamentals of investing on the JSE. Each participant is given a virtual sum or R1-million to invest in equities to manage over the course of a few months. The game enables participants to invest in a no-risk virtual environment while standing a chance of winning awesome prizes. Watch the press next year for more details.

Steps to start investing

Steps to start investing  
By Idris Seedat, Manager: Corporate Social Investment at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Contrary to popular opinion, investing on the JSE is easier and more affordable than many people think.
The key to becoming an investor is having the necessary information, knowledge and financial advice at one’s disposal. Once you understand the basics it's straightforward and can be rewarding. The following tips should show you how to get started.

Student funding: Research – Calculate – Plan

Student funding: Research – Calculate – Plan
Q: Hi there, I have been provisionally accepted by Stellenbosch University to study Medicine. Are there any scholarships or bursaries to assist me in this study option?
A: As with most universities, a student finance office is at hand and there is no difference with Stellenbosch University. In terms of any university, college or study institution it is always best to directly contact them, to find out what funding options and plans they can assist you with. Usually institutions will have recommended student funding options which applies best to their setup.

By Idris Seedat (Manager: CSI of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange)

Five for first-timers 

Five for first-timers
The world of investment can be daunting. Faced with unfamiliar concepts and the thought of potentially losing hard-earned cash, many would prefer to hide their money under the proverbial mattress.
While stashing your cash away may seem like the wise option you’re actually not doing yourself any favours by not giving your money the opportunity to grow. Through investing, specifically in the stock exchange, you open yourself up to some exciting possibilities which could ultimately lead to financial freedom. The following are the five concepts that every first-time investor should understand before taking the leap.