A slightly different setup to the USA in terms of size. OriginalSteps.com did find a number of different options available for students to source funding for their studies in the UK!

The Student Loans Company (SLC): an awesome non-profit which organises grant or loan funding for college and university students. 

The British Council is powering a cool website for international students called Study UK. It covers topics ranging from budgeting as a student to study financing.

Also if you are a foreign student looking to study in the UK, then visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs. From studying, Visa’s, Fees and Living advice they have it all covered.

Next up a must see is the Brightside website, a superb website that has a whole heap of helpful tools and resources for students in the UK. Also check out their Student Calculator helping students in the UK to manage their budgets!

The USA is a big place, so we narrowed down some of the bigger options that is leading the way in student finance.
Government resources:  
Federal Student Aid: A government set-up for student financial aid. 
Banks and financial setups offering student loans:
Wells Fargo: https://www.wellsfargo.com 
Sun Trust: https://www.suntrust.com
PNC Bank: http://www.pnconcampus.com
Regions: https://www.regions.com
DISCOVER offers Student Loans and they have even created a site to compare college degrees – nicely done!
SallieMae and Navient – Also check out their college planning platform and The Sallie Mae Fund.

Getting an education has never been so important, but how does one go about financing such an expensive investment?A student loan is probably the first and last dread of every student! It’s the endless thought of debt hanging over your head with a little factor called interest still playing with your mind…
However it is still probably the most utilised option and this method has helped thousands of South Africans achieve successful qualifications! So how do you go about sorting out your student loans?

We understand the need for individuals to receive financial aid for their studies. One of the key solutions is to visit the student finance office of the institution in which you are studying at. Along with applying for student loans through finance houses and of course self funding your studies is another option…yes you may actually have to get a part time job to pay for your education. However there is the route of applying for a bursary or a scholarship which can help assist individuals in financing their studies. The World Wide Web provides a great research platform and we put together a breakdown of online options for individuals in need of financial assistance for their studies in South Africa! Good luck and all the best with your studies!
South African University Options:
The University of the Free State has put together a student portal which has a list of financial aid options for students.
The University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg has financial aid options for local and foreign students! Nicely done.
Monash South Africa: Has both bursary and scholarship options for students.