By Yashivan Govender
From a man with an explosive eye named Cyclops to a lady called Jean Grey who has amazing telepathic capabilities, the X-Men team is not just powerful but are remarkable too. Add a gentleman with wavy blue locks called the Beast who has super animal like strength, throw him alongside the commanding Wolverine with his razor sharp claws and you have a well rounded X-Men team that are not only built to saving the world from nasty villains but also have everyday skills which help them deal with life outside of the X-Men headquarters! We dug a little deeper into how they manage to keep ahead of the pack in today’s busy world.

MarvelThe Man with no need to buy new razor blades, James Howlett aka Logan or Wolverine as he is better known to millions around the world, has skills that lie outside of slicing and dicing. He is a solider by trade and a skillful one at that, his additional skills of spying and bar tendering presents him as a human war machine that makes James Bond look rather tame!
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How to become Wolverine!
Tricky but it involves something called Adamantium which sounds scary enough!
Check out Wolverines page on
Jean Grey:
Telepathic skills can be used to do a lot of things, Jean Grey uses hers to help save the planet which is super awesome. However this power is already a heavy enough skill to manage and her career as a teacher surely takes her mind off it.
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How to become Jean Grey!
Not sure if that’s where one wants to go in terms of the heavy pressure that comes with being Telepathic but who knows, check out Jean Grey on
Super strong with the ability of any agile creature, Hank McCoy aka the Beast, could not only stop many a villain with his unbelievable abilities but also has the mental ability of a genius. With a PhD in Biochemistry, this Geneticist is something of an intellectual wonder so don’t let his blue creature like fur mislead you…
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How to become the Beast:
Well if you looking for animal instincts and awesome agility then you hit the nail on the head in trying to become the Beast! Check out Marvel's biography on the Beast!
Being able to have optic blasts flying out of your eyes is one thing but being forced to wear ruby coloured eyewear to control it is another thing altogether. Eyewear aside Scott Summers aka Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men team and his ability to lead has seen him take on a career as a head master at the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning.
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How to become Cyclops!
Could be cool, because you could blast your way through a lot of sticky situations, however his abilities are maintained by his strong skills as a leader so it makes for an interesting balance, Marvel has more on our hero.
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