Armed with a hammer and a merciless tempter it’s hard to imagine how the Norse God of Thunder could be anything else but heroic and battle ridden. Harder still, is to imagine that this giant of a hero is actually a doctor when he isn’t battling villains and defending the innocent.
It’s a great way to pay the bills and an awesome way to add balance to one’s life given that one’s alter ego is matched with a battle hammer named Mjolnir. Although it is to be noted that Thor did work as a construction worker at some point which is self explanatory as his hammer provides the perfect training for working on a construction site. Medicine on the other hand is a whole different ball game altogether…

Studying Medicine is no easy matter however there are many areas of medicine that one can specialise in. From Surgery, Cardiology, Paediatrics, the list is continuous and diverse but the underlying cause of helping people to be healthy serves as a common factor. It’s a long study process and for good reason too, there is a need to make sure that doctors graduate from medical school as top performers in their field as they are responsible for the lives of others .
The entrance for medicine at any university is always a stringent process however its dependant on the actual university itself and their particular requirements. You can check out our university and college guide for a list of universities from around the planet and you can find out what their requirements are on their respective websites.
So as you can see Thor God of Thunder was challenged with many a tough obstacle in his medical endeavours. However being a God of Thunder and having the abilities to fly, fight and travel galaxies is also a big boost to one’s ego especially if you are a qualified medical practitioner. He is also the son of Odin meaning he is heir to the throne of Asgard…just an everyday life for the God of Thunder!
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