In 2006 we took on ‘Superhero Careers’, with the flight of Spider-Man, Daredevil and the Incredible Hulk! Now in 2011, Spider-Man is rocking the world from various transformations to a complete reworking of the Spider-Man movie franchise.
However no matter how busy Spider-Man is, whether it is changing his style or saving the world he still has to keep up to date with the rent payments and his basic living expenses! Life in New York isn’t cheap and living the Superhero life doesn’t pay as much as one would expect. So how does a web-slinging Superhero keep his life in “cheque”?

By freelancing as a photographer of course! While Spider-Man’s alter ego Peter Parker studies as a Biochemistry student, he also tackles high flying journalism at the Daily Bugle. His weapon of choice in this matter not being his spider abilities or spider sense for that matter but his sharp eye for good camera shots and of course a camera.
In today’s world of media connectivity and Internet expansion the world is quite literally your learning ground! The best of the best however,do go out and seek professional development in becoming photographic journalists. From private colleges, universities and even internships, individuals pursue both practical and theoretical levels to master the skill.  Specific to your location in the world and your affordability, study options are available for individuals at various institutions.
Contact your local newspaper or media house about finding a suitable internship program that you could apply for. The case of learning to be a photojournalist is the same as being one in the field and that is to take the initiative to pursue the career…just like Peter Parker did!
So while Spider-Man takes on the bad guys and defends the world against the worst villains imaginable, spare a thought for his daytime alter ego chasing a big story and getting the “money”  to pay the bills. Pick up a camera and get snapping...who knows maybe you might catch the next big headline just like our favourite hero Peter Parker!

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