Spider-Man artwork courtesy of Marvel Comics

Spider-Man artwork courtesy of Marvel Comics

The superhero sabbatical, year out or gap year adventure...

It is not easy being a Superhero, from saving and protecting the helpless, the planet or the universe from super villains and of course managing a normal secret identity lifestyle – a superhero career is pretty much filled to capacity!
However as in the real world, superhero’s do need time off. Time to recharge the batteries and recuperate from a tough workload. Finding a career and hero balance is difficult – but if they did indeed take a break, where would they go to escape the mad rush of their lives?  

Without a doubt a holiday destination in this case must be outlandishly out of this world and fitting to that of a Superhero!
One that possibly has the pulsation of an ultimate travel adventure is the home of Thor...Asgard!
Asgard vs. New York City:
However with New York City being a hub of a lot superhero activity, it seems sensible to compare Asgard to The Big Apple!
The juxtaposition between New York City and Asgard is pretty obvious. New York is abuzz with fast paced corporate energy whilst Asgard is a serene land of adventure. It is no wonder that a Superhero like Thor chooses to split his time between both. Though protecting Asgard is no easy task it does have a magical charm that no place on Earth could match! Born with true royalty and godly instincts Thor is a prince in his land and New York perhaps serves as a getaway destination for him. Though Spider-Man would probably disagree, as he deals with so much action and night-life in NYC – for Thor it could be the right energy boost for a hero of his magnitude who lives in placid surroundings.

Thor and Iron Man artwork courtesy of Marvel Comics 

Thor and Iron Man artwork courtesy of Marvel Comics
It seems that Spider-Man is destined for a life of jumping around the high-rise buildings of Manhattan! Along with Iron Man, another New Yorker whose career is possibly the opposite to Spider-Man (but that is another story altogether) - NYC offers an earthly superhero platform…
A metropolis of cultural energy and a destination that many find quite spectacular. New York exudes an equilibrium of a vibrant working structure whilst housing a number of famous tourist attractions. An environment that dynamically allows a web-spinning hero to balance his life as a student, newspaper photographer and a bouncing superhero!
However one can’t help but think that Spidey secretly wishes to hitch a ride with Thor to Asgard - just for a quick relaxation and a royal serenity-like break.
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