The Sommelier; the expert, the font of human knowledge, the person who knows more about a particular beverage, than anyone else on the planet!

It used to be a traditional calling, where wine, and wine alone, was the only area of specialization. But times have changed, and with that, so have the needs of the hospitality industry, and the demands of the public, from whisky, beer, wine, juice, sake, to water, even!

If it’s drinkable, and can be served, a Sommelier can become the knowledge master of it!

Where can you find a Sommelier?

In most cases, they're to be found in high end restaurants and hotels, or working specifically for a particular brand.

The Hospitality Industry: Welcome to the spicy mix of food, culture, business and people!

Whether it is cooking up a storm, dealing with some wacky, out of the box clientele, or making sure the business is running like clockwork, – the daily life in the Hospitality Industry is an eventful one, which is nothing less than a spicy one!

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People who have rocked the Hospitality Industry:

From Hotel moguls to chefs, with their own TV shows. The Hospitality Industry is laced with rock stars, who have gained celebrity status, for their awesome display of effectiveness, in their fields.  From people, as traditional as Martha Stewart who became a household name to the likes of Jamie Oliver, who introduced the worlds’ youth to the concept of cooking and, not  forgetting Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay, and, of course, Conrad Nicholson Hilton, who cemented the idea of a mainstream brand for hotels.

Q: I want to go to university next year but would like to enter into a field where there is a shortage of skilled or specialised individuals for an industry. What careers are in demand and do they differ from country to country?
A: Great question! If you do a basic Google search there is a ton of information available however it is not really focused enough. One idea is to look at various country immigration platforms which will provide visa requirements in terms of skills shortages. It is a shortcut of note but it’s a clever way to discover what career options are needed within a region. Countries that have skill shortages tend to open the doors to qualified people in demand from other countries. Therefore individuals within a country should look to pursue the roles which that country is looking to seek talent outside of its borders.