Susheila Moodley writes about the urgency and the need for the compliance industry in South African business. Along with how a qualification in the industry creates stability and opportunities in business.
The need for compliance has often created niche markets to service businesses that require support in becoming compliant. The emergence of these new enterprises are based upon specialist skills that individuals have... these specialist skills are often in demand in specific sectors and give rise to these niche enterprises. South Africa like every other country in the world is struggling with the lingering impacts of the 2008 recession. Most disturbing of all has been the rise in youth unemployment, illustrated by the inability of graduates leaving university to find or retain employment.

In a time when presidents of countries have become more than just public representatives but rather CEO’s of countries, a career in politics has become both popular and at the same time competitive. Controversy aside, the political atmosphere is radiated with a number of opportunities and individuals seeking employment in the sector tend to wander through via the Political Science route.

Here at we get loads of questions of how to start a sustainable business, so much so we started our own book series called “The Fun Side of Being Serious” authored by Yashivan Govender with Shaun Ryan. However we put together some quick fire tips to creating a sustainable business:
How to start your own business:
1. First you need an idea.
2. The trick to monetizing that idea, advertising, products, services…most of the time depends on sales!  
3. Convert that concept into a plan, basically how the company will operate, what your predictions for the business will be and how much time will be needed to get the business to fully take off.
4. A trial run, as soon as you can put your concept into practice, this will give you a basic idea of how your business can operate in an open market. If it fails on a small scale at least you can work forward to building on that.
5. Take the leap and launch your business.

Money talks, sure it doesn’t sit and have coffee with you on a Sunday afternoon - but it still has enough common sense to give you advice that at times can dictate your life. From high school through to university, individuals are battling the conversation of finances and though higher education is supposed to be the breeding ground for tomorrow’s future thinkers and leaders, it’s now becoming a stumbling block for graduates with no direction and attached with a lovely red bow is a neatly written price tag!  
Welcome to the next phase of the financial recession…the knock-on effect.

Taking the steps to becoming an Engineer!
If you go online and type in a Google search “a career as an engineer” you will find loads of information about becoming an engineer!
From an electronic engineer, to a mechatronic engineer to even an investigative engineer, there are tons of options in this industry. So if you like building, creating and making things work then this could be the field for you…your very own real life Lego world!