Careers beginning with the letter A Image source - Fotolia copyright © cosmicvue

Careers beginning with the letter A - Image source and credit: Fotolia copyright © cosmicvue

Accountant: More than just counting beans!

Managing and keeping track of an entity’s financial structure is tough work and steps away from the old terminology of accountants being bean counters. There are various routes to studying towards a degree in accounting and many branches within the career.

The Youtube video: An extremely well put together video of the Accounting Industry!

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Actor: the professional chameleon!

An individual who performs in a stage play, film or any theatrical production. The actor can read for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama or enter a performance arts school to receive training!

Websites to check out: The Hollywood Reporter’s list of the Top Drama schools! And of course the benchmark Julliard!


Advocates have specialised expertise in various areas of the law - especially in the presentation of cases in court. To obtain the services of an advocate, a client approaches an attorney who then engages the advocate on his behalf to represent the client in court or to give the client the necessary advice.


An individual whom is responsible for the administration or business affairs of an entity be it business, public or private. The individual can study any business degree or related degree\ diploma. However if the individual has experience in the field that the entity is in, that individual will have the ability to handle the duties of an administrator.

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Aeronautical Engineer: fly me to the moon…no this is not a Sinatra song!

An individual who specializes in the flight and structural design of aircrafts. Individuals need to study an Engineering degree in Aeronautics.

Check out: NASA.

The example: Neil Armstrong, yip he went onto become the first man to land on the moon!

Agriculturist - Need to be re-done!!

Agriculturists are not afraid of getting their hands dirty! If you enjoy the outdoors then the life of an Agriculturist (farmer) could be the coolest job out. Not only do you get to spend loads of time in the countryside enjoying the fresh air, you don’t have to spend the whole day stuck inside an office seventeen storey’s above the ground. As an Agriculturist you will specialise in farming one particular type of product that will be used extensively by those living in the city. You could do anything from dairy farming to forestry.

Website to check out: for their take on being an agriculturist.

The example: Old McDonald, say what! Yes you heard us right, he is the most famous farmer we can think of!

Air Traffic Controller: Flight guardians

The guys who control and monitor the safety of air passage in the sky. Requires serious high levels of concentration and being able to make important decisions at a quick rate. The training and the actual industry is organised by country specific associations, which are commonly known as Air Navigation Service providers. You can find a list of various providers on the CANSO website which will give you more information about the industry along with the training required to be an air traffic controller in each country!


Anthropology is quite simply the science of man. As an Anthropologist you will study the physical characteristics of man as well as the origin and development of races and cultures. You will also have to study the different customs and beliefs that are performed by individual ethnic groups. Ethnology is a part of Anthropology that researches the different races and cultures more extensively. Which route you go is purely up to you!

The example: Franz Boas, the father of American Anthropology.

Ambassador: time to represent!

A national diplomat sent from one country to another as a permanent representative of that country. Most Ambassadors are already involved in politics or are public figures, the ambassador resides at their respective county’s embassy.

Archaeologist: if you can do a very good Connery accent, now is the time for you to say “we named the dog Indiana!”

A career popularised by Indiana Jones and a certain Laura Croft can be defined as an individual who scientifically studies civilizations through the material or substance remains of those civilizations.

The example's: Indiana Jones, Lara Croft and a list of leading Archaeologists as listed by Wikipedia.

Architect: Let’s talk about buildings…

An individual who is involved in the design and styling of a building. An individual is required to read for a degree in Architecture Studies.

The example: Ted Mosbey of How I met Your Mother.

Architectural draughtperson: taking ideas and making them visual

Move over Ted Mosbey, the architectural industry is too big for just one star! The career of an Architectural Draughtperson is on the way up, development of local and international built environments are always on the rise and these commercial designers are in high demand. With a focus on construction methods, understanding the correct use of relevant building materials, design development and application, visual representations and even project management. This is an all round career built on the backbone of being creative!


An individual who serves on a spaceflight program or mission. The individual may command, pilot or be a contributing member of the flight crew. Astronaut’s have solid flight experience and have bachelor degrees in the following areas of study, engineering, biological science, physical science and mathematics.

The example: Buzz Aldrin, hands down the coolest named Astronaut!


Archivists are responsible for the preservation, care and retrieval of a country’s or an institution’s records, i.e. documentary history. These records could consist of paper, photographic or more recently in electronic format.


An individual who scientifically monitors the environment and the movements of Stars and planets. Study a Bachelor of Science Degree in Astronomy.

The example: Galileo Galilee, Wikipedia’s take on the man.


Is the person with whom you first make contact when you seek legal advice or if you have a legal problem. Therefore, an attorney needs to be readily available to everyone, and the service he or she supplies needs to be broad enough to cover a wide field of legal problems.

The example: Suits, this show is just awesome, it is like the Batman and Robin of lawyer TV shows! Totally rocks!

The Youtube clip: Trailer for the TV Show Suits…enough said!

Auditor - South Africa specific

An accountant who, following qualification as a CA(SA), registers with the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) and engages in public practice. He or she may express an opinion to the effect that the financial statements of a company or organisation present fairly the affairs of the undertaking, its cash flows and the results of its operations. The tasks performed by auditors are important for businesses, investors and society at large.