Careers beginning with the letter B Image source and credit: Fotolia copyright © shaiith

Careers beginning with the letter B Image source and credit: Fotolia copyright © shaiith


An individual involved with the study and workings of the chemistry of living organisms. Individuals need to study a Bachelor of Science.

The example: John E. Amoore, the man behind a theory about smell!


An individual who studies bacteria, yes you read that correct Bacteria! Individuals need to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree.

The example: Alfred Hershey, check out what Wikipedia have to say about him!

 Biographer: Because sometimes other people’s stories are just worth writing about!

An individual who writes or makes a record/document of an individual's biography. A pretty cool career as they get to document the lives or history of others. Generally individuals have a background in writing or media. Study routes include reading for a degree or diploma in English, Journalism or Media.

Check out: featuring some very insightful biographies.

Biologist: Creepy crawlies and stuff like that!

So you think you got what it takes to form an understanding of the living world and all it encompasses? Well if you do, as a Biologist you will scientifically study the life and structure of living things. Depending on your area of expertise, you will be able to study anything from the tiniest creepy crawly to the weirdest plant that has adapted to survive in the most adverse conditions. You are going to need good marks in Math’s and Science or Biology. The range of study is so diverse that there are a number of awesome careers that focus on different aspects of Biology, these include: Microbiology, Botany, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Ecology and Zoology.

Cool websites to check out: Ask a Biologist! and The Company of Biologists, both very cool websites!
The example: Gregor Mendel, check out what Access Excellence has to say about him!


An individual who specializes in the properties of physics in living organisms and examines various biological matters with the use of modern physics.

Cool website to check out: Biophysical Society

The example: Sir Bernard Katz, the man who brought forward developments into the workings of the human synapses. Check out what has to say about Sir Bernard Katz.


An individual who helps facilitate a deal between a buyer and a seller, with a result of a fee/commission for the transaction that has been brokered.

Brewer: A career in beer!

A pretty interesting career! A brewer produces beer. In today’s age, this involves a complex chemical, biochemical and microbiological understanding of the fermenting and filtration process. Brewers are always in high demand, and often find themselves in positions of quality control and research into new beers.

Cool website to check out: Check out the Independent’s interview with Gordon Wilkinson!

International Hotel School

Butcher: the baker, the candlestick-maker…

This is not simply cutting and selling meat. One would have to be a trained blockman, which means he/she is qualified to prepare meat for sale, and give expert advice on the various cuts of meats and how to cook/prepare them.

Cool websites to check out:’s guide to becoming a butcher!

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