Careers beginning with the letter C Image source and credit: iStockphoto copyright © Julien Tromeur

Careers beginning with the letter C Image source and credit: iStockphoto copyright © Julien Tromeur

Cabin Attendant: Not just ‘chicken or beef’ – be an ambassador for your country

Provide service in the sky to travellers from all over the world. Ranging between domestic and international flights, the career of a Cabin Attendant is fast becoming a popular choice as a go between a career and a life in travel.

Check out: The TV series called Pan Am on

International Hotel School

Cardiologist: Not quite Cupid!

A doctor that specializes in the diseases and abnormalities of the heart.

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The example: Jeremy Swan, an Irish Cardiologist who co-founded the Swan Ganz catheter.


An individual who creates and draws cartoons in animated or still form. A career whereby you can create and interrupt and communicate with your very own creations that you just drew up!

The example: Jim Davis the creator of Garfield!

Cartographer: Find me, I am lost!

A Cartographer makes maps and other charts that provide useful information about certain areas and developments. By using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) you will be able to prevent unfortunate people from getting lost…and we all know getting lost sucks! You may produce loads of different maps like Maritime, Road, Aeronautical, and Topographical maps. Helpful school subjects include Geography and Maths.


An individual who plays the cello! It looks like a giant guitar, okay that was a plebe like comment to make however James Bond did use one in the Living Daylights! Individuals generally looking to pursue this career route study towards a Bachelor of Music in Classical Music or attend a specialized music school.

Check out:, super cool website for young cellists!

The example: Yo-Yo Ma, coolest named Cellist ever, a living legend with a number of Grammies to his name!


A professional cook, especially the principal cook in a hotel or restaurant. A chef may plan the menu, determine the cost of the meal or plan the recipe for the meal. A chef may work in many different departments of the kitchen such as the bakery or the cold kitchen. A chef can prepare, cook or present a dish or meal.

Check out: The TV series Chef starring Lenny Henry on

International Hotel School

Chemical Engineer

An individual who examines the processes involved in chemical change and the equipment needed for these changes. Individuals generally pursue a Degree in Chemical Engineering.

Clinical psychology

The clinical psychologist usually works in hospitals or in private practice where he provides a diagnostic and therapeutic service to clients who are experiencing emotional and/or mental distress.


An individual who specializes in the treatment of disorders in the joints and spine by manipulation of these areas without the use of medication and surgery.

The example: The founder of Chiropractic, Daniel David Palmer.

Check out: a website setup by Chiropractic America.

Comedian: The new version of political commentators!

An individual who professionally makes people laugh, most are actors or entertainers.

Check out: Comedy Central, just plain awesome!

The example: Chris Rock!

Criminologist: CSI made this career famous!

As a Criminologist you will scientifically study various crimes and their prevention for future reference. You will also have to understand criminals and study their treatment or rehabilitation. A career in Criminology will never have a dull moment and you will always have a really cool story or two to tell at a weekend barbeque! Most Universities offer courses in Criminology through their Law or Human Science faculties.

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