Careers beginning with the letter D Image source and credit: © Iwan Beijes

Careers beginning with the letter D Image source and credit: © Iwan Beijes

Dermatologist: Because your skin is your largest organ of the body!

A medical doctor whom specializes in the treatment and study of the skin and its diseases.

Check out: Wikipedia gives a full breakdown on the profession of dermatology.


An individual who specializes in the health care of teeth and oral hygiene. This is a really impressive industry that a lot of people take for granted, as the world needs good doctors it too needs good dentists.

The example: Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors playing the evil dentist!

 Designer: You have to fight for your right to be creative!

Okay we have been listening too much to the Beastie Boys! However being creative rocks and getting paid to do so or having your career creatively focused is just awesome! The overall objective is to take a well thought out plan and to implement into an application of substance – just like the A-Team (okay way too much eighties themes going on here!). The design industry ranges from fashion, interior, graphic , multimedia, industrial, product, spatial, research, jewellery environment and even writing! The planet is your canvas!

Detective: Sherlock who?...Holmes, that’s who!

Working as a detective involves the solving of crimes, but more specifically it deals with investigations into fraud accusations, theft and bribery. The work involved is not as exciting as most TV shows would have you think. There is a lot of research and administration to be done, which sometimes leads to unsolved cases, however it is an integral job that helps support the justice system in society.

The Youtube Clip: The Sherlock Holmes movies starring Robert Downey Jr.

Dietitian: Food Glorious Food!

As a Dietitian, you will have to do more than just advise people on how to beat the bulge. By using scientific methods and understanding the human body, you will be able to properly inform patients of how to get the maximum benefit from what they eat.

Check out:

Director (Business)

An individual involved in the management and overall running of a particular section of a company or the whole company itself.

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An individual who represents their country in matters of a foreign nature. The individual is usually involved in government administration and often has a background in Politics, Economics. Business or Communications.

Check out: The United Nations official website.

Director (Film/Play)

It is the director’s job to create and help produce a production that will capture, entertain and inspire an audience…hopefully.

The example: Christopher Nolan, he is leading the pack of moviemakers with big budget productions that is certainly capturing a market and audience!

Disc Jockey

An individual who entertains an audience with music at an event or through a musical medium like radio. Disc Jockey’s in the commercial sense of radio also take on the role of Talk Show hosts. Interesting career and fast paced if you can sustain a decent fan base or following!

Check out: eHow which has a super breakdown of a career as a Radio Disc Jockey


As a commercial diver, one usually does repairs or construction to underwater pipelines, ships, quays and oil rigs. One may also be involved in underwater salvaging or help in the rescuing of sinking ships.

Check out: Health and Safety Executive has a full brief on a career as a diver.


Drafting involves sketching or drawing on a highly detailed level, these include the plans or blueprints of an object that is going to be built. The object examples range from being a bridge, skyscraper or even an air-conditioning unit, which all requires a Drafter to design on paper a visual representation of the object, this is in order to help the builders, architects and engineers create the finished product.

Doctor (Medical Doctor)

Doctors are those super talented people that make sure we stay healthy and in ship shape condition. Generally getting a place into medical school is extremely tough and competition for places are strongly linked to an individuals academic performance in high school or a premed academic program. There are lots of different areas of expertise in medicine such as, Cardiology, Gynaecology, Haematology, General Practitioner (GP) as well as various different types of Surgical expertise.

The Youtube clip: Awesome clip on a career as an Emergency Room (ER) doctor!