Careers beginning with the letter E Image source and credit: © Martin Kessel

Careers beginning with the letter E Image source and credit: © Martin Kessel


An Economist deals with issues such as tax, pollution, population and raising the standard of living amongst communities. This encompasses problem solving on a very large scale. Economists use their skills in two main areas, the private and public sector. Private sector: They provide strategic vision to companies and businesses in order to forecast and comment on economic fluctuations within the economy. This helps businesses make the most profitable decisions possible. Public sector: Here an Economist is directly or indirectly working for the government. They deal with issues such as poverty relief, taxation, food allocation and housing to the poor.

Check out: The Economist website.

The example: Adam Smith, yip it is that dude from Economics 1!

Editor: The deadline manager!

An individual who is responsible for the content and submissions in a publication, ranging from newspapers, magazines, websites etc. Editors are known for having a background in Journalism or copy-writing.

Check out: upstart, a superb website for emerging journalists!

The example: John Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker’s boss at the Daily Bugle! Check out what Marvel Comics has to say about their character.

The YouTube clip: Top ten John Jonah Jameson moments from the Spiderman movies, very funny!

Electrical engineer: The real life bright sparks!

An engineer who is specialized with the workings of electricity.

The example: Nicola Tesla the man who was involved in the War of Currents with Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse.

Educational psychologist

The educational psychologist works in an educational environment where they will advise pupils, students, parents and teachers on topics such as academic performance and development strategies.

Check out: Wikipedia gives a solid breakdown of a career in educational psychology.

Electrician: It’s more than screwing in a light bulb!

An Electrician installs, generates and distributes the transmission and usage of electricity to electrically powered equipment. They are also involved in the maintenance and repairs of such equipment. In the the case for domestic, industrial and commercial buildings electricians are often involved in the early stages of design, in order to pre-plan where all the wiring that is going to be configured.


If you are good at building things and have the desire to create some awesome stuff then you should consider being an Engineer. It is hard work but the reward of being able to look onto your completed project and say, “I built that!” will never get old. As an Engineer you will be needed in the planning and building of large scale projects like railroads, bridges, buildings, dams, roads machines and electrical systems. Engineering requires students to be good at Math’s and Science. There are many different fields of Engineering ranging from Aeronautical, Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Environmental, Mechatronic Electrical and Electronic...

Check out: awesome website.

The YouTube: A career profile of an Aerospace Engineer! Very cool!

Entrepreneur/Inventor: Forget about re-inventing the wheel, rather create new opportunities!

You are going to need a whole bunch of interesting ideas and a truck load of perseverance to make it big in this field. As an Entrepreneur you will need the ability to create your own business or company and the necessary skills to market your product successfully. Although the odds may look rather daunting, many people have made their names as Entrepreneurs. Be creative and tap into a new market and the future is yours. An inventor needs the ability to create and manufacture new ideas, tools and machinery. It’s a combination between being a business yourself and being dynamic enough to come up with concepts.

Also see the book series The Fun Side of Being Serious which is focused on the concept of Youth Business!

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