Careers beginning with the letter F Image source and credit: Fotolia copyright © jamesbin

Careers beginning with the letter F Image source and credit: Fotolia copyright © jamesbin

Field Guide - a marketer for the environment

Knowing the lay of the land is just one part of this career. It is a career based on knowledge mixed with respecting the natural environment around an individual. Also known as a Nature or Safari guide. It takes at least 55 days to obtain a level 1 qualification on a course – but this is only the legal starting point for this career.

In terms of the FGASA an individual can work in Game Reserves and lodges in Southern Africa. The FGASA qualification is also valid in Dubai, US or the UK. It is also a great qualification to have in addition to a degree or qualification in nature conservation. Many lodge managers have been guides before.

The field guide by definition is a person that leads and guides people into the environment considered to be a natural area. The field guide may operate on foot (walking trails), from a vehicle (game drives), on horseback or in a boat or canoe, in natural areas including game reserves and national parks. The field guide acts as a link between the natural surroundings and the clients, taking on an educational role.

As extracted from the Defining a Field Guide, Game Ranger and a Tracker feature with NJ MORE Field Guide College.

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Fashion Designer: Someone had to have put together Vader’s outfit!

As Luke search the galaxy looking for the maker of his fathers outfit out of jealously that he never had one, human beings search the galaxy to find out what is the next big thing to wear. Sure shoulder pads where a thing of the past and as much as we try to escape the eighties fashion sock, somehow we are always reminded that as warm blooded creatures we managed to find our way forward out of that fashion trend. With an underlying tone of being able to express oneself through clothing, fashion designers are exposed to an industry of pop and hype – laced with – designing solutions, pattern drafts and manipulation to the final stage of garment construction.

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Financial Advisor: Money, Money, Money…it’s that ABBA song again!

An individual who helps others invest their money in the best manner.

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Firefighter/fireman: A real life Superhero!

An individual who is a member of a fire brigade. These are the people trained to save lives normally from fire related situations however go beyond the call of duty and attend to regular SOS situations as well. ( Says big up respect to these folk!)

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The example: Ladder 49, action packed firefighting movie, check what has to say.

Food Scientist

If you dig innovation this ones for you. As a Food Scientist you will be responsible for the research into the development of new products across the industry. You will also make sure that food is safe for consumption and better its nutritional value.

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