Careers beginning with the letter G Image source and credit: © Paige Foster

Careers beginning with the letter G Image source and credit: © Paige Foster


To most people rocks are strange and arbitrary things. However, as a Geologist you will see them in a completely different light. Geology is the science and history of the earth’s crust and the layers of which it is composed. By examining rocks and strata layers you will be able to understand the physical history of the area and what changes have occurred over millions of years. Individuals generally required a solid set of marks for Math’s and Science and have an interest in Geography.

Check out: The American Geosciences Institute

Genealogist: A family tree?!...

An individual who is specialized in the identification of an individual’s family decent. Pretty cool career as allows individuals to connect to their past on real terms!

Check out:, cool website that helps individuals trace their family tree.


An individual who specializes in the earth’s surface, climate, physical features, products and population. Individuals are generally required to read for a Degree in Environmental or Earth Science.

Check out: The American Geosciences Institute

Graphic Designer: the modern age artist

The modern age artists of the universe, think it, design it and inspire. The industry ranges from Branding, Advertising, Social Media, Art Direction, Information Design, Interactive design, multimedia design – connecting suppliers to consumers – providing a major connection in the world’s economic landscape.

Graphologist: Do you have neat handwriting?

This is a seriously cool career to get involved in. Graphology is the study of handwriting. You will be able to learn a lot about the writer by analysing their handwriting. Traits such as character, aptitude and feelings can be understood from handwriting…weird but amazing nevertheless!

Check out: The British Institute of Graphologists


A medical doctor who has specialized in the female reproductive system and its diseases.

The example: Robin Williams shows the lighter side of being a Gynecologist in Nine Months!