Careers beginning with the letter I Image source and credit: Fotolia copyright © miceking

Careers beginning with the letter I Image source and credit: Fotolia copyright © miceking

Industrial psychologist: An industrial what…?!

An Industrial psychologist practices in a business or industrial setting. Their tasks are to benefit the direct economic well-being of the employing organisation.

Check out: Wikipedia provides a crisp breakdown of the industry!

Interior designer: because living like a caveman was so last year

The Flintstones saw the modern age meet the stone age, in reality we are intertwined with the technology age intruding on our living and work space. Interior designers are nowadays entrusted to helping individuals become more comfortable with their surrounding environment. Faced with objectives and tasks that range from knowledge of industry materials and services, operating cool design software, to managing methods of construction, applications and installations. An all encompassing career that exposes individuals to a full bouquet of employment opportunities – even being the owner of an interior design business.

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 IT Specialist

Computers are everywhere these days and have changed our lives forever. Living in the information age means that tons of jobs revolve around computers and other related communication systems. As an IT Specialist you can do anything from computer programming to network administration. IT also provides the perfect opportunity to start your own business. Most Universities offer courses in Information Technology through their Science Faculties.

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Interpreter: From one language to another!

An individual who has the ability to translate languages and be able to communicate within various languages. Most individuals study a specified language and become experts according to the language they have focused on.

The example: Nicole Kidman as Silvia Broome in the Interpreter. Heavy investigative movie but a good cast and script make for a superb movie!