Careers beginning with the letter P Image source and credit: © Sachie Yamazaki

Careers beginning with the letter P Image source and credit: © Sachie Yamazaki


A doctor who specializes in dealing with children and their diseases. Individuals study a Bachelor of Medicine and then specialize in pediatrics.

The Youtube Video: Check out this feature on a Day in the life of a Paediatrician.

Paleographer: Hieroglyphics and so much more!

An individual who is an expert in the science of ancient writing and documents.

Check out: Wikipedia provides a lowdown of the paleography industry.

Paleontologist: The prehistoric side of life!

Individuals study the fossils of animals and plants from prehistoric times in order to understand the way they lived and the conditions of the world back then. The information you will gather is extremely important and contributes to the biological sciences of today, as weird as that sounds. Paleontology can be studied at an Honours level having passed a related undergraduate course, such as Geology.

Check out: The Paleontology Portal

The example:’s profile on Friends featuring David Schwimmer’s character Ross Gellar as a Paleontologist.


An individual who is sits as a representative in a country's parliament.

Check out: We looked everywhere and all we could find were clips of parliamentarians falling off chairs and having fights!

Pharmacist: Not just a pill counter!

An individual who is skilled in the dispensing and preparation of medical drugs.

The example: Charles Elmer Hires, the man behind Root beer’s commercialization!


As a Pathologist you will study the causes and nature of different diseases that affect people. Further examining and identifying the functional as well as structural changes in the body that result. Sounds overwhelming right now but after completing a degree in Medicine it will be just that much easier!

Check out: Wikipedia gives a lucid insight into the field of Pathology.


An individual who is specialized in the scientific nature of medicinal drugs and the related effects on the body.
Check out: provides an awesome view into a career of a pharmacologist.

Physicist: Just like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory!

A career recently popularised by the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory! An individual who is specialized in the areas of physics, generally individuals read for a degree in Science and then branching out into this specialised field.

Check out: Wikipedia’s list of famous Physicists and the CBS TV show The Big Bang Theory.

The YouTube clip: Sheldon Cooper at his best!


Being a Pilot must be one of the coolest jobs around, not only will you be able to fly around the world, and get paid for it, you will be one of the select few who can look out the window and say, “Hey, I can see my house from here!” and potentially mean it! There are a number of different aircraft you can fly as a pilot. You could fly aircraft as a hobby/privately, for the military, commercially and to transport people all across the world.

Check out: How Stuff Works has a great article on how to become an airline pilot!

The example: showing Maverick and Goose in their element.


A medical doctor who specializes in the mental state and diseases of the human mind.

Check out: Careers and student section of the Association of American Medical Colleges has a full brief on a career in psychiatry.
The example: Sigmund Freud, check out what Wikipedia has to say about this famous man!


A member of government or its opposition, who is involved in the workings of a nation and the people.

Check out: Barack Obama has his own channel on, pretty neat to see how a global politician/president functions!
The example: The Barack Obama official website!


A psychologist gathers information about people's interests, abilities and behavior in order to be able to understand and explain human actions.

Check out: The American Psychological Association website and their section on careers in this field.