Careers beginning with the letter S Image source and credit: Fotolia copyright © Trueffelpix

Careers beginning with the letter S Image source and credit: Fotolia copyright © Trueffelpix

School Teacher

A teacher in a school, be it at a primary or secondary level.

The example: Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society!


An individual who is specialized in the field of seismic activity.

Software Engineer

Often referred to as a programmer, but there is a difference. This job deals with the lower levels of computer programming. A deeper understanding of a computer's architecture and assembly is needed, compared to a computer scientist for example. Software Engineers are often the people who program individual microchips, these operate independent of an operating system such as Windows. Software Engineers are usually employed by electronic firms that manufacture any independent electronic device.

Sportsperson (professional)

An individual who derives an income from his or her ability to perform in a particular sport.

The example: Tiger Woods!

Stockbroker: The real middle man!

An individual who deals with the buying/selling of stocks and shares on a Stock Exchange.

Check out: The New York Stock Exchange


Person who analyses data in order to make meaningful deductions and interpretations that describe the reality behind the data. One needs a strong analytical/mathematical ability and have good problem solving skills. Statisticians are employed by various forms of business and organisations.

Check out: The American Statistical Association has an awesome career centre focused on the field of statistics.

Systems Analyst

Person who designs/maintains large networking systems and develops new programming architecture for large scale multi user computer programs. This also includes the analysis and improving of existing design architecture. Making large scale networks of computer programs run more efficient for all human users is another part of the challenge behind this job. In today’s age with the IT dominance in companies, Systems Analysts are in huge demand across any sector in the job market.

Check out: Wikipedia’s brief on the industry.