Flight Guardians: A career as an Air Traffic Controller

Making sure you land safely during air travel is one important aspect of flight but keeping me away from hitting other objects on the way is also all just part of the life of an Air Traffic Controller. These are the people who take on the responsibilities of directing and controlling the flight paths of many an aircraft in the aviation industry. From commercial, cargo, military and private aircraft, these transport wagons of the skies need to be monitored. The individuals seated in the air traffic control towers are under high pressure to keeping the skies safe and the sky lets be honest is one big region! So these flight guardians are needed worldwide!
What does it take to enter such an intense field:
Each country has its own national set-up meaning their requirements to pursue a career in this field are different. However common factors such as mental and physical health, basic education and age seem to exist in the requirements for each country. There is a link between all the different providers which is facilitated by CANSO (the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation). This is the global body for air traffic management which provides support/awareness of the industry. Other related organisations that cover multiple regions are EUROCONTROL, the International Civil Aviation Organization, FABEC and the Air Traffic Control Association.

Air Traffic Service Providers from around the world:
Details of relevant training programs to become an air traffic controller can be found on these providers websites
South Africa: ATNS
Uganda: CAA
Nigeria: NAMA
Thailand: AEROTHAI
India: AAI
Hong Kong: Civil Aviation Department
Australia: Airservices Australia
New Zealand: Airways
Turkey: DHMI
Spain: Aena
Czech Republic: ANS of the Czech Republic
Armenia: ARMATS
Austria: Austro Control
Norway: Avinor
Belgium: Belgocontrol
Bulgaria: BULATSA
Croatia: Croatia Control LTD
Germany: DFS
France: DGAC
Italy: ENAV
Estonia: EANS, specifically for training of air traffic controllers check out the Estonian Aviation Academy
Finland: FINAVIA
Hungary: HungaroControl
Ireland: IAA
Iceland: ISAVIA
Slovakia: LPS SR
Latvia: LGS
Sweden: LFV
Netherlands: LVNL
Malta: MATS
United Kingdom: NATS well put together site and they have a careers site dedicated to the industry as well.
Portugal: NAV
Denmark: Naviair check out their careers site about employment and training in the field of Air Traffic Control.
Lithuania: VĮ „Oro navigacija“
Poland: PAZP
Romania: Romatsa very entertaining website to say the least!
Serbia and Montenegro: SMATSA
Switzerland: Skyguide
Slovenia: Slovenia Control
Ukraine: UkSATSE, for information on a career as an Air Traffic Controller in the Ukraine visit the following website powered by UkSATSE.
North America:
South America:
You can also have a look at the CANSO members list here for more providers.
Keeping the planet’s pilots, passengers, cargo/freight, crew and of course aeroplanes safe is no easy task. Individuals looking after these precious commodities are in high demand but entering the field is no easy task.It is an industry that is fast paced and full of excitement, the information and career paths are available to those who are looking for it, so go out there and get it!
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