Environment and Conservation Industry - image source iStockphoto.com Copyright: arcady_31

Environment and Conservation Industry - image source iStockphoto.com Copyright: arcady_31

Earth – home to us all,  and the place that rocks, non stop. Making sure that the planet just keeps spinning on, is an incredibly difficult, and somewhat breathtaking process.

Being able to make a difference, transform a corner of the world into a better, cleaner, more natural place, is something everyone should look to do, because our efforts are needed, now, more than ever.

In essence,  it’s all about conserving what probably will, at some stage, just run out. This Planet’s resources and inhabitants are always at risk - with only a few superheroes trying to make that difference.

Welcome to the working world of the environment!

From discovering new relations between, and varieties of,  beasts, birds and beetles , to volunteering to save the planet’s most endangered species, we look at some of the coolest and most adventurous environmental careers on the planet!

Popular Careers:

From the Scientific Sector!

1: The Veterinarian Surgeon or Veterinarian Physician:

Commonly known as a vet, this is the person responsible for the health care of animals, or species that require veterinary medicine, and applications. From the basic treatment of the family’s pet hamster, to helping out a distressed elephant; this career path can certainly be challenging, and rewarding. A career path, requiring years of study and training, and then, ultimately, qualifying in the field of Veterinary Science. It’s all about dedication, and having knowledge of the habits and anatomy of the planet’s animal inhabitants!

2: Biologists: There are a few in this field…

Biologists are the individuals who study living organisms, within environmental conditions, examining the association between the organism, and its surroundings! A few of the biological specialisations:

Microbiologists: focusing on the smallest, or microscopic, organisms on  the planet!

Ecologists: looking into the associations between the environment and living organisms. Factors such are living conditions, temperature and even population numbers, are all elements duly considered in their work, and studies.

Zoologists: species’ biological bases, and sources, and results of wildlife interactions,  are super important for all of our  ongoing survival,these are the individuals responsible for studying this! There are different types of Zoologists, as well, including entomologists, who are focused on insects!

Botanists: These studies are all about plant species, and the surrounding, living environment .

Aquatic Biologists: these can be further split into two types of water based, biological specialists: Limnologists, (fresh water), and Marine Biologists, (salt water),  both examine the conditions of plants and animals, in water environments! Not quite Aquaman, but still very cool!

Check out About BioScience for careers, and facts, in the Biology Sector!

3: Geologists: rocks and stuff!

The Geologist is a specialist of the Earth’s materials, in terms of it’s rock composition. They also examine the  processes of its structuring, timeframes and changes in formation. Geological study provides vital information about the Earth’s past, and insight into its adaptation to climate changes.

4: Meteorologist: more than just weather balloons!

Studying the atmosphere, and its changes got a lot more hectic with various environmental changes experienced by the earth and its climate. Meteorologists are individuals, involved with making predictions and forecasts regarding these patterns!

There are a whole bunch of other scientific specialisations, all of which fall under the categories of Earth Science, and Environmental Science. So the career scope is vast and wide, just like the planet we live on!

Study Options:

Individuals would generally read for Bachelor, and Post Graduate, degrees in various scientific fields. Some Universities also have strong departments, specialising in various fields, which may also help to know, before selecting the university in which students would like to study at!

From the Organisational Sector:

Environmental Managers and Planners:

It’s a tough job managing the environment; from ensuring resources are carefully looked after, legislating against errant peoples, and monitoring the changing climate, everything associated with the environment, and our accumulated knowledge thereof, needs to be organised, systematically. With issues of the environment becoming more prominent, and of public awareness and scrutiny, such as carbon foot printing and industrial waste problems; not to mention urban expansion, rural/urban integration and urban pollution control; the role of environmental managers/planners are becoming ever more evident in today’s rapidly changing world.

Study Options:

Individuals can study towards Environmental Management or Planning, through specialised courses, Diploma’s or Degree programmes at various institutions.

From the Conservation Sector:


The knights of the Planet. They try to protect the world from various damaging influences, like whale and dolphin trawlers, fracking and exploitative capitalistic interests. They promote environmental awareness through various setups and campaigns. These individuals and groups, stem from various backgrounds, and contribute to the environment, either on a full time, part time or volunteering basis.

From the Tourism and Travel Sector:

The Field/Tour Guide:the expert.

Raising awareness of,  and highlighting  the plight of the conversation sector are experts from various sectors of the industry. These individuals often go outside of the focussed regions, and drum up support by speaking on topics that need both funding, and assistance. The Field/Tour Guide, are individuals, found within various parks, sanctuaries or reserves, offering information about matters that address the environment they are working in. They serve as the mouth piece towards issues, such as endangered species, and environmental impacts. Industry, and on field experts provide a real life marketing outlet for environmental matters!