Environment and Conservation Industry - image source iStockphoto.com Copyright: arcady_31

Environment and Conservation Industry - image source iStockphoto.com Copyright: arcady_31

Earth – home to us all,  and the place that rocks, non stop. Making sure that the planet just keeps spinning on, is an incredibly difficult, and somewhat breathtaking process.

Being able to make a difference, transform a corner of the world into a better, cleaner, more natural place, is something everyone should look to do, because our efforts are needed, now, more than ever.

Setting things in motion:

Leonardo da Vinci, centuries ago, kick-started some extraordinary creations, setting the way forward, for many creative individuals, throughout the ages, from around the globe.

10 Popular Design Careers

Fashion Designer

Graphic Designer

Interior Designer

Industrial Design




Game Designer

Art Director

Web designer / Interactive Designer

Product Design

 Flight Guardians: A career as an Air Traffic Controller

Making sure you land safely during air travel is one important aspect of flight but keeping me away from hitting other objects on the way is also all just part of the life of an Air Traffic Controller. These are the people who take on the responsibilities of directing and controlling the flight paths of many an aircraft in the aviation industry. From commercial, cargo, military and private aircraft, these transport wagons of the skies need to be monitored. The individuals seated in the air traffic control towers are under high pressure to keeping the skies safe and the sky lets be honest is one big region! So these flight guardians are needed worldwide!
What does it take to enter such an intense field:
Each country has its own national set-up meaning their requirements to pursue a career in this field are different. However common factors such as mental and physical health, basic education and age seem to exist in the requirements for each country. There is a link between all the different providers which is facilitated by CANSO (the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation). This is the global body for air traffic management which provides support/awareness of the industry. Other related organisations that cover multiple regions are EUROCONTROL, the International Civil Aviation Organization, FABEC and the Air Traffic Control Association.

Trying to keep a funnel the employment sector are country specific job portals, here are some of the best that are building there way through local online communities!

Australia and New Zealand:

Dominated by the very well put together online platform - Seek:

It is specific and focused on the Australasian market - NZL and Aus regions!

Careers New Zealand (NZ) created by the Kiwi government to support career growth in the region.

South Africa:

There are a few job websites running around in the SA market: Careers 24 and Career Junction which seem to be leading the way!

The UK and the USA mashup:

There are tons of sites in both of these regions and they all offer a pretty even platform however a quick Google search and you will find yourself with jobsite for people based in the UK and Careerbuilder for USA as your leading searches. Also check out, escape the city, a clever job portal for professionals looking for a new scope in life!

In terms of the USA: A good employment resource is the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics which is run under the United States Department of Labor.

Talent Zoo and their spin-off offering Zlance - looks at full-time and freelance careers within the creative industry in the USA.

Ladders - a leading American based portal that initially provided job listings that were salaried at 100k and over...

AfterCollege a strong USA career network based site for students and recent graduates.

Veredus - is focussed on the UK and covers a number of specialist sectors.

Salary.com another interesting USA focussed site which has a combination of solutions (amongst others) of a salary evaluation/calculation and job search/listings.

ZipRecruiter services a large amount of job opportunities in the USA region.

ISPO - the International Student Placement Office - student focussed and pushing on "international development of UK businesses".

When looking for a job online what is really out there for individuals and employers?

We checked out some of the Job sites that are trekking around the world and what they have on offer.

The criteria:

The Job Hunter: Online CV’s, most job sites offer individuals the options to upload their existing CV or to create a new one by using their CV builder that they have in-house. It can be a bit of a pain to go through the second process especially if you are tackling multiple sites so if you have the choice to upload ahead of making a new one then make sure your CV is waxed!

The Employer: Most Jobs sites expect payment for placing adverts of job positions that you have available, some go the extra mile and extend a job board or unit that is interfaced into your own site so that you can manage your recruitment through their system at your leisure.