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Watching big blockbuster movies has become not just an entertainment source for individuals but an inspirational escapism for most. In a time when financial markets are on a knife edge, Hollywood still manages to substantially retain a wealthy stronghold. Perhaps it’s the excitement of buying your own movie ticket and entering into a theatre with a big box of popcorn or soda, whatever the case may be nothing beats watching a well produced movie on a big screen with great sound and visuals.

These cinematic stories are based on life, adventure and careers. And that’s where we come in! We decided to find out the movies that have inspired careers and which movies have allowed people to think, dream and achieve a little bigger!

Movies which inspire a career in business:

The Social Network:

Its the story of how Facebook became an online business empire. Gutsy, outrageous and somewhat sneaky but overall asking the questions that many have seen in all types of business start-up’s not just in the online space.

Jerry McGuire:

“Fewer clients. Less money. More attention…”- not the equation that really inspires a multimillion Dollar business idea but it worked in sparking a business and life adventure for our hero!


There are a number of careers covered in this film but the drive of David Frost in creating his “own network” because he believed in his project showed the determination it takes for any business to achieve goals.

Movies which inspire a career as a journalist: there are a few but only two are really important!

All the Presidents Men:

Perhaps it’s because these are the guys that investigated a story that changed a government, whatever the case maybe it is powerful stuff.

Almost Famous:

Another Cameron Crowe production, an adventure that only Rolling Stone Magazine could have ignited.

Movies which inspire a career as a doctor: with a ton of television series around and a few 80’s and 90’s nominations (remember Doc Hollywood) there was only one that really rose to the top…

Patch Adams:

Out the box with the mix of Robin Williams sense of humour, this film takes a serious profession and puts it forward in a friendly sphere.

Movies which inspire a career as a lawyer:

A Few Good Men:

Military legal drama starring Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise and Demi Moore. Besides the Hollywood heavy weights it is an interesting movie in terms of its investigation and litigation portrayal.


Topical at the time with a focus on Aids, it’s a movie that challenged the system in typical Denzel Washington fashion.

…And Justice For All:

Old School movie, with Al Pacino at his “loud’ best.

Movies that inspire a career in food:


It is a cartoon but a really good one and one more thing the main character is a Rat!

No Reservations:

A typical Hollywood rom-com but the underlying flavour is about food!


A deliciously good movie set in France about chocolate and is based on the novel of the same name.

Movies that inspire a career in aviation:

The Aviator:

The biographical tale of Howard Hughes and his jet setting life!

Top Gun:

Hollywood’s version of Pop Culture (with gold Ray-Bans) mixed with fast machines. It brought about a pulse into the career of being a pilot.

Pushing Tin:

A career in air traffic control-John Cusack goes head to head with Billy Bob Thornton.

Movies that inspire a career as an Astronaut:

The Right Stuff:

It is based on the American Space program. Really old school but it shows the early stages of what astronauts went through in order to get off the planet!

Movies that inspire a career in the finance industry: All the movies we found have bad endings or some moral lesson…go figure!

Wall Street:

Oscar for Michael Douglas and a big leap up the Hollywood ladder for Charlie Sheen. A gripping movie that shows the slightly darker side of the trading world.

Boiler Room:

If any person is looking to learn how to do a sales pitch then this is the movie to watch.

Rouge Trader:

A thrilling movie of note, based on the collapse of Barings Bank, it is more about what you should not do in terms of the trading industry.

Margin Call:

The Wall Street crash portrayed in a very intense and emotional manner, now whoever said there was no personality in money.

Movies that inspire a career in the retail industry: there can only be one movie…

Empire Records:

It is one of those movies that helped inspire a generation into loving the music world a little bit more and made the idea of working in a music store super cool!

Movies that inspire a career in the sports industry: there are a lot, actually too many but here are couple which rocked!

Money Ball:

Brad Pitt bringing brains to the baseball field- all about the business end of the sporting industry which is really entertaining.

Any Given Sunday:

The all round version of sports movies, from business to the actual on-field drama, throw in some heavy hitting selection politics and you have the perfect Oliver Stone presentation.

Movies that inspire a career as a teacher:

Dead Poets Society:

Just for pure entertainment value Robin Williams would be the best English teacher ever!

Lean on Me:

Morgan Freeman returns as the headmaster to the high school where he once taught, only to find that he has his work cut out for himself...he could of used Batman’s help in this movie for sure!

Movies that inspire a career as an archaeologist:

Indiana Jones: (all of the movies in this Spielberg Franchise)

With adventure around every corner, this legend of the silver screen, has challenged many a bandit to finding the worlds most impressive treasures. Plus he is armed with a whip and wears an awesome hat, it is like a Bat Suit for archaeologists!

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: (again there are a few in this franchise)

Angelina Jolie, kicking butt and looking good in an adventure movie, what is not too like!

National Treasure:

Nicholas Cage takes treasure hunting to another level.


This is actually a really cool explorer feature but the action is balanced by Steve Zahn’s comedic interludes which makes it entertaining from start to finish.

Movies that inspire a career in government intelligence departments: and its not all just about Martini’s…

James Bond: (all of the movies in this franchise)

Maybe the selling point is his car that is packed with cool gadgets and gizmos. However being the best of the best in terms of secret agents is surely a nice addition to your CV.

Spy Game:

Being taught how to be a spy by Robert Redford is lot better than having him narrate a movie about fly fishing!

The Recruit:

Colin Farrell becomes a recruit for the CIA under the mentorship of Al Pacino, so you know there is going to be a lot of a yelling.

The Bourne Identity franchise:

This is a spy movie franchise on steroids!

Movies that inspire a career in the Arts: There is one….the rest really didn’t match

Fame: (the original version)

It covered the drama and the passion that individuals go through in pursuing a career in the arts. It helped spawn a number of similar styled movies but the original will always have the benchmark set.

Movies that inspire a career as an author:

Finding Forrester:

“Punch the keys…”-a seriously impressive movie that is inspiring on all accounts, Sean Connery at his best in a motivational roll, not quite Highlander but that’s just because being immortal is just awesome!

Movies which inspire a corporate career:

The Secret of My Succe$s:

A fresh faced Michael J Fox is looking to kick start a career in the big corporate world but he has to start by working in the mail room!

Movies which inspire a career in hospitality:


Tom Cruise and an Aussie buddy chucking bottles around as they entertain with their bar tendering skills!

Movies which inspire a career in law enforcement: the list is endless but in terms of something within a young audience level…

21 Jump Street:

The movie version of the popular television series, its fun, full of action and has a few life lessons as well.

Movies that inspire a career in special effects and movie making: the movies that changed the way we imagine…

Star Wars:

As Luke battled the empire, George Lucas inspired a lot of new dress themes for Halloween.

The Matrix:

It was a change around in terms of pop culture, where technology became extremely cool and Keanu Reeves was more than just a policeman on a speeding bus.


It was hands down, one the most thought provoking movies of its time, and the ending along with Chris Nolan’s imagination opened up a bucket load of conversations.

Movies that inspire any career:

The Pursuit of Happyness:

A really heavy movie at times but once you power through it, you feel that you can accomplish anything.

These film and television shows are examples that can help inspire individuals with their career and education paths. If you want to find out more about movies, well then keep track of the industry on IMDb.comYahoo! Movies and Empire Magazine!