The global economic recession has felt nothing short of going through a few rounds with one of those big fisted type heavy weight boxers. With a focus on the financial aspects of the recession, analysts, forecasters and the like have been running a mock with their theories and insights into why the recession actually happened and what it’s ramifications have on various sectors of the economy.

At we like to change and look at things differently, hence the fun side of being serious…But what if the actual economic recession is or was the result of a career recession. Yes you read that correct, a career recession whereby individuals are not suited to the job that they were placed in, leading to individuals not able to correctly perform the role they are employed to do. This results in poor business turnover and performance, which we now put forward as the reason for the financial recession. From here we can lay blame either on the companies hiring the wrong individuals, or actual individuals not thinking more carefully about the careers they choose or find themselves walking into.
In true style we found ten top movies (with the help of and YouTube) that have shown how individuals have answered and solved their own personal Career Recession! Yip movies with a purpose what a concept, may just help you from entering into the wrong career and instead guide you to a valuable one.
1. Jerry Maguire - “Show me the money!” how one man turns his life around by looking for more in both work and his personal life by going back to why he actually started his job as a sports agent. And the clip.
2. Rock Star - He idolized the idea of becoming a rock star and when it happened it wasn’t all it was cut out to be!

3. Trainspotting - “Choose Life”-Ewan McGregor shows how life can go very South with drug addiction and how by choosing life you can find a career that can help you save your life.
4. Almost Famous - a job writing for Rolling Stones magazine, leads to more life adventures and lessons than one can imagine. The Trailer rocks too!
5. The Karate Kid - This lad made a career out of self defense! Check out lesson one, Wax on Wax off!
6. Office Space - A true case of someone choosing a different route to get out of his 9-5 job.
7. Star Wars - He didn’t know much about his career path until he met Yoda who taught him the force, now if that’s not a U-turn in careers we don’t know what is!

8. Coco avant Chanel - Wonderful movie illustrating one persons ambitious nature which led to a career in fashion. The trailer on Youtube rocks!
9. Brave Heart - From being a simple farmer looking to start a family to becoming a freedom fighter, well you don’t get any better than that for a career change. Check out the movie's famous speech, Mel Gibson style.
10. Gladiator - He went from a General of the world’s strongest army to a slave and then a gladiator, career changes flying everywhere!
Go ahead, drop kick that Career Recession out of the park and go make it happen style!