Preparing oneself to enter the glorious world of becoming a student is tough and sometimes all the literature and campus visits in the world just aren’t enough. We at put together a list of movies which would make you better prepared for life as a student than most prolific student handbooks!

1. The Son in Law: Because every student should have Pauly Shore as their university mentor!

2. With Honors: Harvard rocks and Joe Pesci shows his class as a scholar of the street! Check out the trailer on

3. Vital Signs: Cutting it as a medical student has never been so tough, it’s almost an eighties movie but not quite!

4. Gross Anatomy: Another med-school drama and this time it’s really eighties!

5. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - It’s the scenes of Shia LaBeouf setting up for his university days that allow one to wonder wouldn’t it be cool if your university car was also a robot!

6. A Beautiful Mind: It is Princeton based so we will try and ignore the madness that engulfs the movie! However it’s one the most classic movies of all time!

7. Starter for 10: It’s funny and interesting, based on a University challenge quiz team from Bristol University.

However the real life version of being a student is a 100 times better, so make sure you enjoy the thrills and adventures of being a student!

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