Films and series that inspire careers in the environmental field.

Bill Nye Saves the World - Image Credit and Copyright: © NetflixBill Nye Saves the World - Image Credit and Copyright: © Netflix

There’s no arguing that we need intervention possibly from superheroes like Superman or for those who are not too young to remember, Captain Planet. We however in reality need ordinary individuals who are willing to put their focus on the world in which we live on and love.

Popular culture has been an inspiring tipping point for many a career from finance to legal - to even sporting careers, books, films and television. It has ignited young pioneers of the future. This is ever-prevalent as the future pioneers of the planet seek the next start-up, adventure or graduate recruitment prospect in the open corporate world. It is perhaps a saddening factor that a talent pool of such great career-seekers tend to overlook the need to champion opportunities in perhaps the best office space available - the natural environment of earth...

Perhaps Hollywood and the film making industry has missed a beat and the solution is potentially turning action heroes into conservation crusaders. Surely a Bond villain could be Climate Change...

Or are there "earthly" gems which just haven't been given the box office effect they deserve...

Well here are a few which we uncovered which we believe have hit the nail on the head:

He is back! Bill Nye Saves the World - after much success and popularity in the 90's Bill Nye returns bringing back a modern outlook into saving the world with the basics of understanding science.

Bill Nye Saves the World - Image Credit and Copyright: © NetflixBill Nye Saves the World - Image Credit and Copyright: © Netflix

Starting with trending points of technology - he shows that if he can adapt to the changing world perhaps the rest of the planet's inhabitants can as well.

Wild Yak Bull from Disneynature Wild Yak Bull from Disneynature "Born in China". Photo: James Hui. © Disney

The Walt Disney Company is an industry giant - it covers a range of content both inspiring and entertaining. Their offering Disneynature, brings a powerful view into the natural world with colourful documentaries.

Mei Mei - Pandas from Disneynature Mei Mei - Pandas from Disneynature "Born in China". Photo: Oliver Scholey. © Disney

The reboot: The Magic School Bus Rides Again - Netflix has brought back a blast from the past with a reworking of the Magic School Bus, starting from the grass roots it does remind us that science is useful AND has a lot that it can contribute to helping the planet cope with the modern-day pressures of its dwellers!

The BBC - has powered phenomenal documentary series and films over the years often presented by the legendary Sir David Attenborough. Their recent campaign, #OurBluePlanet, has trended well and BBC Earth Unplugged on YouTube provides a global reach. With an awesome example of how to become a marine biologist being the quintessential offering there.

Editors note: no rankings applied to this feature as the referred productions will hopefully inspire a career in the environmental sector!