My Song by Harry Belafonte

Written with Vanity Fair contributing editor Michael Shnayerson, My Song is an inspiring story of performance and protest, from a superstar singer and actor who was on the front lines of practically every progressive political battle in modern memory.

Navigating Your Career by Kerry Dawkins & Graeme Codrington

The world of work has never been as difficult or complicated as it is right now –and yet there have never been as many opportunities. If you know what you’re looking for, and sure of how to position yourself in a competitive job market, there are ways for you to find your dream job – and not only for the short term: you can actually spend every day of your life doing something that you love and which contributes to the world.

The Fun Side of Being Serious 2.0: Go Global or Go Home

 Author: Yashivan Govender with Shaun Ryan

ISBN: 978-0620522427

Publication Date: February 2012

Available on Amazon and other online book stores!

Go Global or Go Home is the second instalment of the successful online business guide, The Fun Side of Being Serious book series. The latest book portrays the events of an ambitious young South African, Yashivan Govender, in search of more than just a global insight into the world but an answer to serious questions facing young individuals worldwide. With the ongoing financial crisis that has yet to be resolved, the future of business is a challenge that needs to be tackled head on by enterprising individuals. Go Global or Go Home provides detailed information that aims to at bridge the gap between traditional and new media business.

One German, one book, one camera, one awesome adventure!

The Fun Side of Being Serious

Konstantin Höck, a true adventurer, grabbed a copy of The Fun Side of Being Serious and headed off to Asia. An adventure of epic proportions, the lad from Bavaria failed to disappoint the team and created an outstanding set of images of the first edition of our benchmark book series!

The Fun Side of Being SeriousA FirstStep Guide to Online Business

The Fun Side of Being SeriousA FirstStep Guide to Online Business
ISBN: 9780620487047
Imprint: ReadHill Publishing