Surf Creatures by Shaun Tomson

Santa Barbara, California - World champion surfer Shaun Tomson today is pleased to announce the release of "Surf Creatures 1.0.1, an iPhone storybook application of rhymes for children about the ocean and its fascinating sea life. Tomson's countless trips to the beach have led to many close encounters with some of the sea's most interesting creatures, including killer whales, sea lions, turtles and great white sharks. While reminiscing about one particularly special trip to the beach, Tomson decided to write and record Surf Creatures.

The Fun Side of Being Serious

The financial recession has hit the world by storm and as the darkness of the world’s economic crisis begins to blanket the earth, a small yet powerful resistance can be seen in the distance. Armed with an idea, a laptop and a South African attitude, the resistance took root on the southernmost tip of Africa. An adventure filled with guts, glory and ambition, The Fun Side of Being Serious follows the journey of one entrepreneur’s dream; it charts his challenges and successes as he starts his own online business –

Written by a young South African of Indian descent who dared to defy his parents and not become an accountant, a doctor or a lawyer (the notorious LAD system) and co-written by a journalist with an ego that only Woodward and Bernstein could match, the book provides a refreshing and honest look at the challenges facing both entrepreneurs and young South Africans.

2008 Feature Article of the Year!  
Love the films? Looking for some inspiration on where you'd like to work? Take a look at our guide on the 8 places to work and tell us which one you love the most!
1. Empire Records- Oh yes, we did! A music store that not only has really good looking staff but plays good music as well! Video Killed the Radio Star was brought back to life and young people everywhere wanted to say “Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear.” Great movie, great cast, great soundtrack and great place to work!
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The real deal we think is Sir Richard Branson’s brainchild: 
2. MIB Head Quarters: Black suit and sunglasses as your uniform how can you refuse and don’t forget hanging out in the staff room with the Java wired Worm Guys!
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3. Wayne Enterprises: somehow you got to think to yourself that maybe just maybe you can catch a glimpse of Batman!
Check out The Dark Knight Official Movie website:

The global economic recession has felt nothing short of going through a few rounds with one of those big fisted type heavy weight boxers. With a focus on the financial aspects of the recession, analysts, forecasters and the like have been running a mock with their theories and insights into why the recession actually happened and what it’s ramifications have on various sectors of the economy.

In true FirstStep fashion we decided to find ten Reasons why a career in Print Media Rocks. So instead of doing the usual orthodox method of listing reasons, we decided to merge two mediums to give us a resultant! (Huh?!) No, we are not talking about creating a time and space continuum, rather we found ten movies that have roles of characters whom are involved in print media. If that’s not ten reasons that rock then what is?!
1. All the Presidents Men: starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford. The movie portrays how two journalists from the Washington Post uncover the Watergate Scandal which led to then US president Richard Nixon resigning from office.
2. Shakespeare in Love: Lots of Academy Awards and involves the tale of the Young Shakespeare!
3. Spiderman: Yes Peter Parker is a free lance photographer for the Daily Bugle Newspaper.