Dubai Adventures

Roaming Newton Chapter 5:
I arrived at the Mall of the Emirates ( via a taxi driver whom had no idea what Fly Fishing was all about. All he said was that he doesn’t eat fish and mumbled something about not wanting to talk to me.
This mall was huge! I mean really big, so big that it has its own Ski Slope, yes you read that correct, with snow and ski lifts. Snow in the desert what a concept. Well the shopping was awesome as the Dubai Shopping Festival had just started so I went crazy buying stuff. Walking around this massive mall was insane, cosmopolitan and cultural diverse groups of people floating around in a shopping Utopia.

With really cool stores, my favourite was the Virgin Mega Store. The food halls are just amazing and teaming with a variety of restaurants to crave various tastes and appetites. Walking through the mall from one end to another can mean you can get lost quite easily. I did a few times and had to stop at the closest juice store to buy a thirst quencher. However I did bump into a few Star Wars and Alien movie life size figurines made out of pieces of metal and chewed up steel on the way. So I guess the theme must be relevant to others as well (see chapter four). 

Dubai Adventures
By the time I had got myself enough stuff to get me through my stay here, I stopped off at the coolest coffee shop ever. Yes the Emporium Armani Coffee Shop is hands down the greatest coffee shop I have ever been to. Trendy and cool, the cappuccinos are so good that I took a picture of one. That may sound strange but I like my Cappuccinos.
So I conquered one huge mall and though I didn’t Ski, I did stand and watch people wiping out on the slopes, keeping my distance from danger I take pride at others in disarray.
Well off to get some much need rest and relaxation. Now to find a cab driver who doesn’t like cricket and may actually engage in conversation.