So, you think that being able to leap tall buildings and possess super powers is cool? Well, we do too! Yeah that’s right, we're talking superheros, a die-hard conversation that never gets old. But next time you’re in trouble and a superhero helps you out, think about what they are doing before…You know, when they aren't out saving the city, the world or even the universe. Usually they are earning an income just like we have to, or will have to one day, and some of them even went to University!

We decided to uncover the mystery surrounding Superhero day jobs and understand how these extraordinary members of society live their lives. Sure, fighting crime is what they are known best for- but rent, after all, doesn’t pay itself, and ultra tight spandex pants don’t fall off trees either!
Spider-man (Peter Parker):

By day Peter Parker is a photographer and by night he is a crime fighting superhero with the powers of a spider...a really unusual spider but a spider nevertheless. When his spider senses and desire to do good combine he’s an extreme force to be reckoned with. Peter Parker obtained a Graduate degree with a major in Biophysics. However, he works as a freelance photographer at the Daily Bugle.
How to become a photographer:  
There are various courses and programs that one can enter into at a college or university to master the craft of photography - this depends entirely on the needs of the individual. Furthermore one can get a camera and start clicking away - making cash by selling pictures that are newsworthy to a newspaper, magazine, media agency or website.
How to become a Spider-man: Well that we leave to Marvel Comics!
Daredevil (Mathew Murdock):
From 9 to 5 a lawyer, and a pretty darn good one at that. But Mathew Murdock has a rather hectic night lifestyle as the champion of justice, Daredevil. Murdock became blind from an accident with a truck, which was carrying radioactive cargo. His powers resulted from the side effects of the accident (his remaining senses were enhanced to super human proportions). With a Juris Doctor (doctorate of Law) from Columbia University, Daredevil has a truly balanced life that allows him to fight injustice on two levels: as a lawyer and as a crime fighter. Now that’s the complete all rounder.
How to become a Lawyer: Be inspired by justice and learn the legal system well. University is a great place to start!
Find out more about Daredevil on Marvel...
Hulk (Bruce Banner):  

With a PhD in Nuclear Physics, Banner is a nuclear physicist by trade. However, after an explosion of an Experimental Gamma Bomb, Banner was irradiated by deadly gamma energy resulting in his alter ego, the Hulk, being created. The Hulk is a powerful and extremely strong individual whom, at most times, does not have the mental intelligence of Bruce Banner.
How to become a Nuclear Physicist: Study real hard at school and get pretty good grades. A passion for science will come in handy as well. To get the ball rolling, study for a Bachelor of Science Degree.
How to become the Hulk: we recommend you don’t, most of the time he is out of control, check out what Marvel has to say!
Just because they have superhuman abilities doesn’t mean they don’t or didn’t (in the case of the Hulk) have normal day jobs. It just means they have to work that much harder. You don’t get paid for being a superhero but heck someone has to do it.
Many thanks to Marvel Comics for artwork and information. Visit Marvel,