First it was Spider-man, then Daredevil and that was followed up by the Incredible Hulk! Now its time for the Fantastic Four!
When they are not fighting crime and saving the world or the universe for that matter from some kind of comic book evil, the team of Mister Fantastic, the Thing, the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch, still have to keep up their day-to-day existence in the real world on a normal level. Well normal to an extent, who wouldn’t use the ability to stretch their limbs an extra bit to catch a falling glass of Orange Juice (Mister Fantastic ), or in the case of the Human Torch fly to work to beat early morning rush hour! Sure being a Superhero does have its perks, but lets not mess around in today’s economic climate we all need to pay the bills somehow. Because saving the world from an intergalactic attack force doesn’t really pay much.

So here’s how the worlds best superhero team actually live life in the real world!
Mister Fantastic: Reed Richards was a scientist by trade before he gained his powers to stretch his limbs. This elasticized man read for several degrees, ranging from Engineering, Maths and Physics. He attended some of the finest universities, Harvard, California State Institute and Columbia University to name but a few. So it looks like he had a super brain before he gained his super powers!
How to become a Scientist: Study, study, study!!
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How to become Mister Fantastic: It would be cool to gain the power of stretching, you are bound to never get a muscle strain! Check out the Marvel Website for more on Mr. Fantastic.
The Thing: Benjamin Grimm met Reed Richards at State University where he was on a full-ride sports scholarship. The college football star though popular as a quarterback, finished university and pursued his dreams to be a pilot by entering the Military’s Air force. He later joined the NASA astronaut training program and eventually piloted the ill fated spaceship that led to the superpower creation of the Fantastic Four!
How to become an astronaut: You need good grades, good vision and have a passion for flight!
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Check out, it’s a really awesome website that gives some cool insight into the universe and the surrounding features that go with it!
How to become The Thing: with all due respect to The Incredible Hulk and The Thing, being that large and strong may be a bit off putting at times, but who knows you could possibly make a good wrestling career out of it. Check out what Marvel has to say!
The Invisible Woman: Susan Storm who later became Susan Storm Richards after her marriage to Mister Fantastic. Susan, modelled and acted her way through college, which is a very good way of making extra cash as a student! However she never finished her studies as her transformation into The Invisible Woman occurred. With the ability to manipulated wavelengths of light, she can not only make herself and other objects invisible but became the rock of the team as she is known for keeping the whole group together.
How to become the Invisible Woman: Should be fun, you could become the ultimate prankster! Check out Marvel's breakdown of the Invisible Woman!
The Human Torch: Johnny Storm the brother of Susan Storm turned into the Human Torch with the ability to fly and engulf himself as well as other objects into flames. Johnny dabbled in acting but later became a fireman, the irony of his job and powers surely made for comic book drama!
How to become a Fireman: well the New York City Fire Department are a brand of their own and are probably the JP Morgan of Firemen…
The UK Fire Services Website gives some great information on becoming a firefighter!
How to become the Human Torch: Surely the power of flight and flames makes for an adventurous combination with a little bit of attitude a fiery persona is destined! Check out what Marvel has to say!
Who knew that saving the world didn't pay the bills...oh well lets just be happy that someone is doing it otherwise we would all have to work twice as hard!
Many thanks to Marvel Comics for images and information.