Superhero Careers with Deadpool and Black Panther (as Ultimate Black Panther) Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment, LLC

Superhero Careers with Deadpool and Black Panther (as Ultimate Black Panther) Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment, LLC

You know that joke where the sumo wrestler, the guy not eating spinach but is eating a heart-shaped herb walk into a bar...well this is it.

They have cool names, fight off the bad guys and seem to like to wear suits that disguise themselves! But what does Black Panther and Deadpool do to pay the rent and keep the lights on during the time when they are not being super cool superheroes. Bear in mind Black Panther is a descendant of royalty so the stuff about lights and rent etc may not apply to him!

Black Panther:

With a PhD in physics, a career as a scientist makes perfect sense for T'Challa, who is better known as Black Panther.  From the fictional country of Wakanda, the Black Panther has animal instinct superpowers that make mere mortals…. well, just that mere mortals. His remarkable powers are obtained from a heart-shaped herb - not quite Popeye with his spinach-type, but close enough!

To become a scientist – you would need to get cracking on your math, physics and chemistry in high school before heading into a science based degree at your university or college. In the case of Black Panther studying Physics which falls under natural sciences, is the key to building his “normal” day career.

Check out:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Physics and the MIT OPENCOURSEWARE set up for courses in Physics.


On the other hand, Deadpool has a day job which moves from the super violent to the super squashy. Yes, he earned his keep as a solider and a sumo wrestler! Combine these day jobs with his super healing powers which stem from Wolverine and he makes for a formidable superhero.

Joining the armed forces for many equates to a patriotic career move. Combine that with a higher education during or before joining the armed forces and individuals tend to move up the military ranks much faster. So it is definitely a good idea to pursue a study option with such careers paths as well. Wikipedia has a list of various national Armed Forces and a list of countries that recruit foreigners.

Becoming a professional sumo wrestler however is a sporting pursuit that takes a lifelong dedication (and eating) that is filled with tradition and respect. Matthew Bremner's article “The life of a sumo wrestler” has more on the subject.

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