Captain Marvel - not your average superhero career! Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment, LLC

Captain Marvel - not your average superhero career! Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment, LLC

A normal persona is just as necessary for every superhero as the cause to which to stand up and fight for. Captain Marvel it seems has a persona that is rather extraordinary than one that blends into "normal" life.

Carol Danvers is an intelligence agent by trade and has worked in a whole bunch of security positions including that of NASA. In a career juxtaposition of note - she has also been a magazine editor and a freelance writer. These titles and positions seem better suited to form the pathway for a great spy novel and movie! 

However when she isn’t being a professional spy or writing a feature she is known as Captain Marvel.

With the innate abilities such as superhuman strength, she also able to release energy bursts from her hands. And if you thought that was enough to handle most super villains,  she also defies the laws of gravity through flight! This puts her above the line of a "normal" superhero for sure.

The super powers and her character however, speak for themselves! So let's look at the other side or the ‘normal’ life of this superhero’s interesting career.

How does one get into the field of espionage? Well every country has their own security and intelligence departments which recruit individuals as per their specific criteria. Reading towards a degree in international intelligence and politics is one of the strongest academic pursuits a person can take towards entering this field. As in every industry however, there are additional career aspects required, from general communications, operations, finance etc - so the skill scope can be quite vast.

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How does one pursue a career in editorial or publishing: Reading towards a degree in literature, communications and journalism is a good start. You will also find individuals who have degrees in other fields but have fine-tuned their journalist career paths with post graduate degree's/diploma's or  practical training.

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2. In addition, globally well recognized institutions are worthwhile to take a look at in terms of resources, references and examples of benchmarks. Institutions such as the University of Southern California - Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, along with Columbia University in the City of New York - Columbia Journalism School provide such examples.

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