By Alisha Gamisch
There seems to be an abundance of student based accommodation websites popping up all around the planet.

The Student Accommodation Website Checklist
The Student Accommodation Website Checklist
Some are full of useful offers and others make sure you have checked everything is legitimate before you sign anything!
We put together a list of useful features that are being used on student accommodation websites around the planet! All helpful, some not all used but all do add interest in determining what is best for an individual.

Distance: a filter with which you can choose the distance between your future flat to a location (university, college, place of work or point of interest etc.) or actual distance (meters, kilometres or miles).
District: a filter with which you can choose a specific district, region or area where you would like to live.
University/College: a filter with which you can choose your university and it will show you all advertised rentals within the vicinity of an institution.  
Local traffic zones/stations: an option with which you can see in which traffic zones or public transport stations are close to the rental of your choice.
Starting date option: a date filter allowing you to choose when you would like to start occupancy.
Duration: option to choose how long you want to stay in the future room/flat.
Price: a filter with which you can limit the amount you are willing to pay for your room
Room details: room specifications options (size, double, single, shared, with balcony, windows etc)
Flat details: a filter with which you can search for a specific type of flat (pets allowed, disabled access, size, number of rooms, community space etc)
Flatmate details: a filter with which you can search for specific people to share your flat with (vegan, students/already working, musicians, different interests etc)
Utility details: Options for Wi-Fi, laundry, cleaning services, costs of electricity and water usage.
Exchange options: the option to exchange your room with another room in a city where you want to live in or you can offer your own room for the time you are away or at the same time find a room in another town via the same website.
Local area advice: advice offered about the different areas of the city you want to live in, travel guides, transport tips etc.
Buddy up options: the platform to find other people who do not have accommodation as yet and willing to find a place together with them.
(Please note: make sure that your accommodation is properly setup. That your rental agreements are all legally in order. Always research, check, verify and reference your accommodation before you make the big move!)