Accreditation of colleges and universities:

Many students have entered a college or university with the assumption that the institution is legitimate, however some unfortunately  leave with a qualification not valid or accredited with the correct academic authority. We found some country websites which can guide you in the direction into finding out whether or not your institution of choice is accredited correctly.

Note: In most cases some countries have umbrella websites covering all study sectors, however there are countries with multiple accreditation authorities as well which you will have to go slightly more in-depth to find out more about them.

In the USA:

The US Department of Education has built up a full database of institutions that are correctly accredited. Find out more about accreditation here.

The United Kingdom:

The British Accreditation Council has been in operations since 1984.

South Africa:

The South African Qualifications Authority as known as SAQA has a comprehensive search facility to find out the accreditation of institutions within their region.


The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials has a listing of accredited intuitions in the country. You can also find out more about quality assurance at Canadian universities on the AUCC website.

Hong Kong:

It doesn’t  cover China as a whole but its close enough! The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications, has a full breakdown of which institutions offer correctly accredited courses.


One website for one continent, EUROPA. Each European country has various regulations controlling education; check out the following map-click on the country of your choice. Follow the links to their respective education associations - very simple.

You can also check out: which is entirely focused on the recognition of academic and professional qualifications in the European region.

New Zealand:

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority has the full breakdown of accreditation of universities and higher education in NZL.

Also, Education New Zealand has a fantastic website which quite literally maps out study in New Zealand. Mainly targeted at foreign students looking to study in NZL, the website does offer a comprehensive course breakdown offered at various institutions across the two islands.


The Australian Qualification Framework provides full accreditation details of institutions in their region on a website that firmly caters for local/foreign students, institutions and employers!


Estudiar en Argentina, is a government website for foreign students looking to study in Argentina. It also has a full list of universities in the country that are accredited  - which is solid!


The Malaysian Qualifications Authority website is run by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia and has a complete record facility of accredited institutions.