Some countries and institutions require students to do a year of study abroad.

This is a really cool concept than helps build a well rounded education. Such programmes are normally setup within the university and involve partner institutions. Then there are those who actively look to study abroad. The same rules apply here when looking for quality education platforms. The thing is to always factor in the cost of living in a foreign country, and what options there are work-wise for students who graduate abroad.  If you are using an agency to study abroad, make sure that the institution is a reputable one that is partnered with accredited higher education set-up's.

Awesome examples of study abroad programs!

The University and College initiatives – majority of institutions have in-house setups encouraging students to study at international partner campuses or inviting students to do their time abroad at their respective campus. Remember there are criteria’s and regulations specific to various countries and institutions.

Here are a few which caught our attention :

Encouraging Local Students to help foreign students –

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) - The LMU Buddy Program
Really cool program to stimulate local students at the LMU to help integrate overseas students during their studies at the LMU. Basically it helps foreign students get the best student insight – from local students!

Well structured and explained!

New York University (NYU) – provides a full breakdown of Study Abroad options for its students and students wanting to do their year abroad at NYU. Includes a breakdown of student funding opportunities as well.

Smartly packaged –

The University of Auckland 360° Auckland Abroad – promoting students to study Inbound (foreign) and Outbound (local).

The two big players –

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Global Education & Career Development has an entire setup dedicated to having their students gain quality international experience. Whilst on the other side of the planet The Oxford Study Abroad Programme (OSAP) is setup to encourage the same for students from the University of Oxford.

The Agencies and Setups
Bridging the gap between students and institutions these setups are catering for students from all around the world!
Yes – acronyms everywhere!!

International Studies Abroad (ISA) specific for students from Canada and the USA.
Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) have options for USA based students, scholars and individuals based overseas.

CISabroad provides options for students from the USA and also welcomes applicants from outside of the US.

IES Abroad provides opportunities for students from the US to study abroad.

British Council – a really good balance of having international students study in the UK and British Students study abroad.

Global Education is one of the leading setups linking students from South Africa and Zimbabwe to study abroad. They have even setup their own Education Expo to help students become better informed about study opportunities abroad.

Platforms promoting studies within specific regions:

Campus France is a platform for international study options in France.

Study in Scotland: provides a clear understanding of why pursing studies in the country is worthwhile.

Study in Norway promotes study options in the country.

Funding options for studying abroad:
From Europe with love! Two popular setups are based in Europe which has driven a large exchange of global studies for years!

The Erasmus Mundus Programme which is setup by the European Commission and Germanys offering which is the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD).

International Study destination on the rise – Germany as a popular destination for Studying Abroad due to its cost free higher education system at various public universities and colleges. Again there are various criteria’s and administration costs that are needed to be taken into account, so make sure you do your research!