's Travel article of 2007!

Marc Mazery Goes Travelling FirstStep Style!
Who is Marc Mazery: A very good friend of the FirstStep team, Marc studied at UCT where he received a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting. Soon after Graduation Marc headed off to the UK where he worked and travelled. Now Marc is back! Well back from the working world that is and he is travelling the globe. Starting off in South Africa Marc has managed to make his way to Australia however he made a few pit stops on the way. We tracked him down and got the story of his travels thus far…
Awesome city! So easy to get around, the people are friendly but the city is rather expensive but worth the pay. Max stay needed is 2-3 nights. Watched the football world Cup final and listened to some wannabe heavy metal band...Singapore people like their rock music.

Feels completely different compared to Singapore. The roads are excellent and busses are comfortable. The Perhentian Islands are the “business”. No one hassles you. Diving and snorkelling is excellent. Definitely worth getting to!! Great place to know.
One word to describe this spot: "Decadent". It makes for an interesting experience, with dodgy deals happening everywhere including suit sellers selling fake Armani suits (PS NEVER SHAKE A SUIT SELLERS HAND... it'll take about 1hr to get it back). It definitely has the tourist theme happening.
Roads are, well, no where. (Except for the towns). It took us about 10 hours to drive 140km.  
Yes you heard right. But Cambodians are cool, they are really chilled out. The country is extremely poor so you feel good about bringing cash into it and spending it. Only spent 3 nights there but was worth it.
Things to watch out for in Cambodia:
1. Purple Ice Cream - Not good at all
2. Suit Sellers
3. Cambodian Bus Drivers.  
4. Scaly Tuk-Tuk drivers taking you to their buddy’s diamond store...