by Shaun Ryan and Yashivan Govender         
Yes, Australia is the arch-enemy of South African sport but that doesn’t stop us from going there, visiting a few famous landmarks and having an all round good time! FirstStep came up with a few reasons why travelling to the land down under is a truly unique experience.

1. Australia has some of the coolest wildlife around, including animals that have pouches! Yes the Marsupial family of animals, indigenous to Australia have pouches we don’t have that here…not unless you count those people who still wear moon-bags! Wikipedia: 
2. Australia is the largest populated island and is considered the smallest continent in the world. Isn’t that an oxymoron?!
3. This year Australia hosts the Ashes and will try desperately to recapture the title from the English. Should be a blast to watch 22 people dressed in white longs fighting over a dinky little urn! Cricket Australia:
4. The Great Barrier Reef is the longest coral reef in the world! That’s 2000km and about 35000 square meters! That’s big, don’t think you could complain about that!
Great Barier Reef Marine Park Authority:
5. Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is famous for changing colours. Its circumference is over eight kilometres in total! Does that mean that when the rock is angry it turns red?Australian Government Department of the Envioment and Heritage:
6. Bondi Beach, located in Sydney, is pretty darn awesome to say the least. It’s about a kilometre long and is known for its great New Years Eve parties and of course…great waves! We encourage all surfers to go there! Waverly Council:
7. However, the best place to surf is the Gold Coast-Surfers Paradise on the Southern Queensland Coast or Newcastle where Surfest is held annually! Not to be missed.
Surfing Australia:
8. The Sydney Opera House is a magnificent piece of architecture! A true modernisation of Culture! A must see!
Sydney Opera House:
9. You can watch Aussie Rules Football! Australia’s take on the USA in creating their own sport, so they can be crowned world champs!
AFL the Official Australian Rules Website:
10. Because if you stay in a backpackers in Australia (first world), you will survive! (FirstStep note: Roaming Newton Article on staying in a backpackers in Mozambique!)  
Backpacker Tours Australia: