As one has probably been able to tell from reading other ‘Roaming Newton’ submissions that I have written, I don’t travel out of KwaZulu Natal that much! This is a result of a number of reasons. The most obvious is the shoestring budget that I operate on as a student stuck between semesters. By not having a massive resource of funds available at the blink of an eye, students often have to be wise in their choice of entertainment. In this case local, very local that is, is definitely lekker!

The KwaZulu Natal south coast has a number of destinations that suit the needs of people wanting a quick and easy weekend away or a slightly longer break during the holidays. As soon as you leave the hustle and bustle of Durban and surrounding towns, whilst travelling south on the N2, it becomes quite clear that you are heading in the direction of a laid back and relaxing time. Don’t forget to watch out for the random cows that seem to wonder across the road from time to time!
For those willing to rough it a bit there are many campsites right on the beach that offer many activities. One such spot is the Scottborough Caravan Park. If you set up camp right at the end of the park you have a raised view over the sea providing the perfect setting for a quiet evening around a braai with a few mates. Scottborough is also a renowned break for surfers wanting a good wave. The close proximity to shops is also an added bonus for this site.
As you move further down the coast a number of small beach towns are situated within walking distance of the beach. These include, amongst others, Margate and Ramsgate. Margate has become quite a popular town for such weekends away, especially amongst younger circles at the end of the school and university year. However, over Christmas and New Year many people from Johannesburg and other parts of Gauteng flock to the small beach town. If you go to Ramsgate make sure you stop off at the famous Waffle House…a definite must!
As far as accommodation is concerned, camping is not the only option. Many people choose to stay in flats overlooking the sea as well as hotels and small ‘bed and breakfasts’. What ever your choice make sure you take full advantage of all the activities available. The relaxing atmosphere is great for people who want to get away from it all. The close proximity to Durban means students can easily go down the coast for a weekend during the semester, naturally if no assignments are due the following week!
Some of the many activities offered by the KZN south coast:
Scuba Diving (Aliwal Shoal off Umkamaas)  
Crocodile Farms
Body boarding
Super tubes (water slides)