Aged 26 Heather Reed is a South African with global ambition! After completion of her studies Heather decided to venture the globe! We asked her ten quick questions about her travels and experiences as a South African living abroad!
1.Currently where in the world are you: Durban, SA (on holiday- residing in Dubai).
2.How many countries have you visited? Over 12.
3.Any hectic travel experiences? Turkey- being accosted (almost) by some young teenagers (FirstStep says: Charming!).

4.Favourite country to visit and why? Australia- most Westernised and lots to do/see.
5.Worst country that you have? China (FirstStep notes: no reasons why...maybe it was the food?!).
6.Good places means good times, but what about food (yes at FirstStep food is a major priority!), where is good to eat? Dubai- offers a wide range of cultures in food choices (FirstStep says: Well we knew it would not be China!)
7.Is it true there is more adventure in third world countries? Yes(Mozambique and Zimbabwe are awesome!!!)
8.Ever encountered some really strange people out there in the big wide world of travel?
Of course- lots.
9.Where to now, what’s your next country that you wish to explore?
United States.
10.Your message to young travellers?
Always budget for more than you think you will spend; and ask people best places/sites to visit when planning the trip!!