Roaming Newton Chapter Three:  
I had now arrived in London and caught up on some much needed sleep. Waking up early on the second day of my stay I decided to go in search of work – the pubs are the most obvious place to search but they only open at around twelve so I thought it best to go and hunt for breakfast. After spending the average annual income of central Africa on a coffee and sandwich combo I really started to feel panicked about finding money.

Eventually the pubs opened their doors and the market was open. The first pub I went to was looking for a kitchen porter – no thanks. I did enough washing at my parents house thank you very much. After the third attempt I eventually landed a job as a barman and cook at the Wheatsheaf pub in central London. At last, income guaranteed. As I only started the next day I decided to go on a tour of the city – who knows, I might be working 24/7 for the rest of the year.
Anyway I won’t bore you with the details of the tour – I saw all the usual things. One thing that did stand out was all the heroin addicts who sit around at the ATM’s, begging for change. It makes you want to pay with a credit card rather than draw money.
Upon arriving back at Dwayne’s Budget Backpackers I found a couple of other new guys, fresh in from South Africa. They too had the same open eyed look that seems to strike all those new to the great city of London. To celebrate the fact that we had now found friends we decided to go out on the town that night and it was awesome.