Q: Hi I browsed your site and found a lot of interesting information there, I'm especially interested in the Fish Packing job in Alaska and would like more information on it in fact as much as possible. I would like to mostly know more about:
• Working Hours
• Working Days
• Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly pay.
• Cost of Living in Alaska (Housing, Food, Personal Use)

• If there are any packages that guarantee me a job at a company with a set amount of pay
• How long is the season I could work there
Thanks for taking the time to help me out.
A: We have been asked this question a number of times on FirstStep.me and we have summarised it into the following:
1. Make sure any Gap Year placement agency that you enlist with on this form of adventure is reputable and accredited accordingly.
2. Check out the visa requirements for working in Alaska through an official United States Government website, State of Alaska.
3. Please check out the following articles on careers and the industry of fish packing in Alaska from About.com and How Stuff Works.  
Good luck and have an awesome Gap Year adventure!