Q:Hi I am 22 years old and am applying for a two year Work/holiday visa next year. In the second year (holiday) I am keen to work on cruise ships as a photographer. I am an amateur photographer and am very keen on it. I see it as a great way to improve my skill as well as travel abroad. Is this possible? If so which are the right channels to go through? I appreciate any help you can offer.
A:There are positions available on cruise ships for photographers. The key is to have experience and a decent portfolio when submitting information to the people responsible for hiring or placing you. Again please make sure you are in touch with legitimate companies that are doing the placement. It could be beneficial to contact the Cruise Ship directly as well.

We received a number of queries about this particular subject, please make sure you that you do a full check into the organisation or setup that you enlist with in terms of pursuing a career or employment within this industry.
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