Darryl Pillay Tackles Europe

Part 1
Some people go on pilgrimages others well they go to off to conquer Europe! Here’s Part 1 of Darryl Pillay awesome journey through the continent…from London with cornflakes to the party central of Greece and then well that’s all in Part 2!
Stop 1: London
Started in London, Wembley Stadiums for the Foo Fighters concert ended up eating cornflakes as a snack after was quite something else, many funny stories to be had in London.
Next Stop:  Amsterdam
Amazing, incredible, everything that you have ever heard of was true.  Great place to visit, but definitely a tourist trap.

Stop 3: Hamburg
Richest city in Germany, and they know it.Great city, with so much to offer.This is where I found it incredibly difficult to do laundry with the instructions being in German. Hamburg is just so chilled out.
Stop 4: Berlin
Epic city, run on German efficiency. Beautiful and old at the same time, with new achievements yet a seedy underbelly.  Berlin has to be one of my favorite cities.
Stop 5: Prague
Old and magnificent, reminds me of a fairy tale kingdom. Great city, steeped in old history and with newer sights.  Cheap cost of living!
Stop 6: Budapest
Arrived after a 16 hour train ride from Prague.  We stopped just long enough to drop our bags at our hostel and head to the Budapest baths.  This was probably my favorite place, with baths and swimming pools, all set in a pristine setting to resemble paradise.
Stop 7: Vienna
Such a rich city and they flaunt it.  Too bad that a lot of the places where fenced off for the Euro Cup, but still an amazing place.  The unspoiled gardens and amazing sights, makes this place one of the highlights of our trip.
Stop 8: Venice
Romance capital on Italy.  This place is straight out of the movies.  It was nice to be in a city that doesn't have any cars, or even bicycles.  And the chief means of transport is water born.  Amazing, and something out of a dream…
Stop 9: Rome
Rome and its ancient ruins are amazing.  It was incredible to see the Coliseum with my own eyes, just to walk around and imagine what Rome would have been like in the times of Caesar, was worth the stop alone.  Throw in the Sistine chapel and the Vatican City, and you can see why I loved Rome so much.
Stop 10: Florence (Tuscany)
This was one of the longest stops on the trip and use Florence as the staging point for our discovery of Tuscany.  We made day trips to Pisa, where we found the leaning tower of Pisa and the quaint town of Sienna, at the same time taking in the art and culture.  I even got to see Michelangelo’s David, which I'm still in awe about.
Stop 11: Cinque Terre
Five ancient fishing villages set in the idyllic setting of marine nature reserved.  My favourite stop on the trip so far, amazing.  If you ever have the chance to go to Italy, I would so recommend this place.  We were so upset when we had to leave that we are going to axe Geneva and Lyon, to return to it.  It was just that GREAT.
Stop 12: Milan
Just an overnight stay to catch our flight to Athens, but we will return to it after Greece.
Stop 13: Athens
One night in Athens was just enough to have a crazy celebration and to see the Acropolis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
Stop 14: Santorini
First Greek island, and it lives up to its reputation.  Chilled and tranquil, but with streets crowded with tourists and amazing beach parties.  The black and red volcanic beaches were incredible.  I love you Santorini.
Stop 15: Kos
This party central with the average age on the island of 23.  Days are spent swimming in the Aegean sea; afternoons spent lounging around the beach clubs, and nights spent dancing up a storm in the clubs in Village.  Yes, Kos has it all.
So that’s it for me for Part 1 of my Journey, after this we scoot back to Italy, seeing Milan, back to Cinque Terre, then onto the French Riviera, Barcelona and Madrid.  
Wish me luck as I attempt to finish the Euro Odyssey.